Day 3

Sunday Feb 16th

My kids still don’t get the concept of weekend.  They woke up at 7.10am.  I stayed in bed till 9.15 🙂

We had breakfast, cornflakes.

I spent the entire morning cooking (making up for the last 2 days I guess).  I prepared chutney.  I put all the things I found that I thought would make something good (tomatoes, apple, garlic, onions, cranberries, red chili peppers, cloves, black pepper, sugar and vinegar.  It’s SO spicy that I was shedding tears as I stirred it 🙂  Worth it, it’s delicious!!


I also prepared dinner for today (apple cake!!) and for tomorrow (not cake as it’s a school day).

I cleaned a few windows and wash more clothes 🙂

If I get to color my hair, polish my toenails and let my legs as smooth as suede, it’ll be a VERY productive day 🙂

I got the hair and the nails 🙂  2 out of 3 is not bad :))

Ahh!! I forgot to add the baking powder to my apple cake so it didn’t grow much… but it was good anyway.


Tomorrow again cycling to school… At least I’ll burn the past days’ dinner :))


~ by DotedOn on February 16, 2014.

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