Day 4

Monday Feb 17th


Is there anything more horrible than a Monday morning?  Not for me :)!

I’m going to bring my kids to school and I hope than when I’m gone the little elves clean my house since I slept really bad and I’m not feeling (or ever will feel) like doing it myself :))

Get this, we got to school EARLY again!!! But the cycling with 3 kids on my bike and one following it’s way too stressful.   I got there with my tongue out (and I had to walk one street because  my legs couldn’t make it :)). Thank goodness I got a lift home by my friend’s husband who may be asking himself why I blush every time I see him.  It’s because the dream I had a few weeks ago!!!! I was temped to apologize to my friend…. But then I thought, it’s nicer if I keep the secret :))

stupid elves!!!! They didn’t show up!

11.10am. Though decision…  What would make me happier 1) my hairless legs 2) folding and putting away the clean clothes I washed over the weekend?   My hairless legs and someone else folding the wash for me!!!! but who?!?! I’ll go for the legs and hide my kids’ electronic devices and they will only get them back when the clothes are in the closet :). Two options here: 1) I suck as a mom 2) I’m a genius!! :)).  The truth is: a bit of both… But hey, they learned that if mummy is happy, everyone is happy!! 🙂

Day almost over!! can’t wait to shower and go to bed.  Legs looking nice 😉 And I even folded the wash!!

Hasta mañana 🙂

~ by DotedOn on February 17, 2014.

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