The importance of a goodnight kiss

This morning I had in my mind exactly what I wanted to write. Now, half of the day is gone and it took most of the ideas with it.
A goodnight kiss gives comfort. It’s warm and lovely. It makes the one who receives it happy and leaves a feeling of love that stays through the night and that transforms in a smile first thing in the morning, with a high risk of glowing during the day.
The lack of a goodnight kiss can cause bad and interrupted sleep and could also be the reason of a moody day. A shadow in the eyes. Could lead to unnecessary tears and unneeded worriment.

I wish I never have to go to bed again without one.

~ by DotedOn on February 21, 2014.

60 Responses to “The importance of a goodnight kiss”

  1. Focus – then kiss. 🙂


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