Day 10

Sunday Feb 23rd

12.21am The scale kind of smiled at me. I got my goodnight kiss. Not much inspiration tho. No plans for the day except let my oldest son cook. Maybe, and only maybe, I’ll empty the dryer 🙂 And big chance of brunch too… I love the genius who invented brunch… Probably another mom, one who could compete with me in the same category for “LAZIEST MOM OF THE YEAR”, shoot, just when I was feeling so confident!!! Definitely NO emptying the dryer, I want that award!

I hope I have a really cool dream tonight (and that I remember it when I wake up!!!).

10.27am I can’t remember my dreams and I can’t wait to write!!! I’ll serve brunch soon (read, my kids are serving brunch soon 🙂 ) See you in a while!
11.54am My 3rd son (6) was in charge of brunch. He prepared bread with Nutella, icing sugar and sugar sprinkles for all of them and I ate bread with red peppers, eggplants, mozzarella and olive oil. My oldest son exclaimed: “Wow, he put a smiley face on our breads!!” 🙂


Is there anything better than waking up to beautiful words said to you? NO!! I opened my eyes at 8.15am. Smiling. Soon after my daughter came to my bed carrying the open laptop with the best clips of Disney’s Cinderella (I love that movie) and that made me smile even wider and reminded me I’m still waiting for the one who found my shoe!!! I SO love happy endings!! I decided that today has to be a great day, even if I came to realization that I NEED to do another load of wash resulting in: emptying the dryer and risking losing the award!!! Ughhh…

Yesterday I was reading the blog of one of my 4 followers (YAYYYY!!!!) and I couldn’t help to take a picture of one of his inspirational quotes. All of the quotes are great, but this one below was the one that called my attention. Life is short. Enough said? And thank you Evan from The Better Man Project, you inspired me! I’ll write a thank you note later today —>


I’ll take a break now to watch my kids playing with a pillow construction that they just built (a tank that shoots marshmallows 🙂 ) See you later!

10.22pm My oldest son cooked. I emptied the dryer!! Now all the clothes are on the couch 🙂 But we are one step ahead! I call that, positive thinking… hahahahhaahhaa
Plans for the evening… Hard to tell. Hoping to get a surprise and a goodnight kiss.

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