Day 11

Monday Feb 24th

6.18am 6.34am 6.50am 7.02am 7.28am. 7.51am 8.02am 8.25am …… 10.40am I got the signal “mom, can we go downstairs, I’m hungry”.
12.41pm We just finished breakfast. I avoided 3/4 of the morning like a pro. I’m getting really good at it!.
Again my 3rd son was in charge of breakfast (he offered!) and he’ll prepare dinner today too. He has all organized. The part I didn’t like was overhearing my kids conversation… “It’s mom’s turn to cook tomorrow!!”
I got my goodnight kiss but no surprise. Still waiting for that. Building anticipation… The thing is, I don’t really know what to expect or if I’ll get any. I’m visualizing my surprise. My English is not really good and sometimes I need to search how to write some things or how’s the equivalent in English of an expression in Spanish I have in my head. I was searching “building anticipation” and among the results I got: “How to build sexual anticipation with a kiss, 13 steps” I’ll definitely read that later…
Plans for the day: Fold the wash and put it away. Be happier. Get a goodnight kiss. Get a surprise. Answer some emails. Read the 13 steps. Clean the kitchen and the bathrooms. Continue reading “The Little Prince”. Tidy up my room. Send my kids to the supermarket to get milk an bread. Add 5 hours to this day because there is no way in hell I’ll accomplish half of those!! Which reminds me, someone asked me recently: “How do you find the time to write having 5 kids??” Well, you can be really organized. Or you just don’t do what you have to do and instead do what makes you happy! And that’s how I do it!!”. I eventually do the other stuff too, but imagine I die in 1 hour, I want to feel that I did what I wanted to do in my last hour… That’s it. As simple as that.
One of these days I’ll write what I’d like to do in my last hour, the thing is, will I dare to post it here? 🙂
Picture the wave forming in the sea… moving… and splash!! when it reaches the coast and breaks. That’s the feeling. Bubbly.
1.46pm I better get moving!!

11.07pm I folded the wash and partially put it away but I didn’t pair the 231 socks, I’m sure at least one didn’t make into the machine (or got swallowed by it…). I partially cleaned the kitchen and didn’t clean the bathrooms. I read a few pages of “The Little Prince”. My third son prepared dinner (Pasta with carrot sauce, he peeled the carrots together with my daughter 🙂 ). I partially tidied up my room. My oldest son went to the supermarket. I answered only one email. I DID read the 13 steps thou!!! And I reconfirmed that I’m a picky kisser. First thought: I’m going to print that out and make folders. I’ll carry always one in my purse. If I ever have to go on a date, I’ll casually let it fall and be sure my date picks it AND reads it AND follows the advice. My first thought came together with BAD kissing experiences, so I HAD to read the related article, “How to deal with a bad kisser” hahahhahahaa… But that will never happen again, thanks to my brilliant idea of LET HIM READ THE FOLDER FIRST!!. (I promise I don’t use drugs!! why should I? I’m naturally high 🙂 ). I didn’t add the 5 hours to this day because I feared I would spend them as if those were my last 5 hours 🙂 I did get my surprise! It was worth the anticipation 🙂 I’m definitely happier. Waiting for my good night kiss and trying to decide about what I’m going to write tomorrow. Big breasts? Biggest lie? Big disappointment? Never mind as long as it’s BIG!
Do you still feel the connection?
Ocean girl reporting from Cowshitland 🙂

~ by DotedOn on February 24, 2014.

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