Day 15

Friday Feb 28th

2.27am I had an accidental nap from 10.40 something till midnight. Now I’m wide awake. Feeling much better and probably waiting for my goodnight kiss 🙂 I hate when this happens, it spoils my already terrible and spoiled night rest.

Just before falling asleep, my kids were discussing about who’s the boss.

photo (3)

The truth is, I like to think I’m the boss. I have trouble remembering that sometimes, that’s why I keep that pin near my bed.
It all started when my daughter was one year old. His dad saw that she was SO bossy that he said to her: “You’ll run the family business some day. Remember, you are the boss”. Little cutie followed that as rule of thumb, so after some months, daddy had to correct his statement: “You are the boss when Daddy is not here”. I was thinking, “And what about me??”. She bosses everyone around. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it gets to my nerves.
Last evening, my oldest son was telling to her (or yelling, to be exact): “NO, you are NOT the boss. MOM is the boss, and if she’s not here, I AM the boss”. Then my second son joined in: “And if he’s not here, I’M the boss!” To that, my oldest son replied: “And can you tell me when will that be? When are you alone?” “I was home alone once!” “Yes, for FIVE minutes” “No, they were like 20!”. I was smiling. I love my kids. Kids are so funny, so sweet! (But I still want a holiday, ALONE, or I can’t call it a holiday, I can say it’s a temporary change of environment, but not a holiday if I have to keep doing what I do on a daily basis).
I’m visualizing my holiday. I can see my three personal butlers taking care of me and being sure I don’t miss anything. Butler number one in charge of drinks and appetizers. Butler number 2 in charge of the palm tree leaf. Yes, he’ll be moving the air around me, that’s his job. And butler number 3 in charge of special needs. Hehheehehehehe… Anyone interested in filling in that position?? I’ll be interviewing Saturday 4.00pm GMT 🙂

3.23am I better try to sleep. But I have a knot in my stomach. It’s Friday… I love Fridays… But I’m not liking that time is flying. Please, I need my Time Stop Machine NOW!!
Plans for the day: Stop time.

10.21am Got my goodnight kiss. Having breakfast with my kids. Bread with chocolate sprinkles. I love chocolate. I think that I’ll be changing my plans for the day. Make bonbons. Let my second boy cook (99% chance that’s going to be pasta). And follow A’s advice.

photo (1)

I love the part: Do what feels right!! I didn’t do anything yet but just the idea of what I could do, got me smiling… Naughty girl!!

10.40am I’m yawning. It’s so foggy and dark outside! Going to bed is what feels right. I’ll be doing that later, now I’ll make the supermarket list. And clean my fridge. I’ll take a picture of it. It’s EMPTY, apart from some fruit and jam and sauces. But don’t worry! The freezer is full, and I store the pasta somewhere else 🙂 Ohhh.. I’m a Class B Mom! But that’s fine, someone has to do the dirty job. Besides, if it were not for us, to whom would the Class A Moms compare to?? Hahahahahahaahaa… Get a life!

8.25pm I went to the supermarket. Cleaned the fridge. Made bonbons, cereal bars ans coconut bars (they are in the freezer now). Had an amazing lunch break that felt just right. Helped my second son cooking, gnocchi with pink sauce and schnitzel.

photo (6) image (1) image (2)

Getting ready the kids for bed because I’ll be celebrating the 1000 views of my blog!!! I’m going to drink ouzo!! I got this little bottle in 2001!! And I was either pregnant, breast feeding or I completely forgot I had it. But today while I was cleaning the fridge I saw it laying there and said to it: “your minutes here are numbered, baby! (I promise I cleaned my fridge several times since 2001! 🙂 )

photo (2) photo (5)

11.13pm Drinking ouzo. That thing is STRONG! 42%… 7 sips total and I see double. I think it’ll return it to the fridge soon, there is no way I’m going to finish it now (or ever!!)

~ by DotedOn on February 28, 2014.

4 Responses to “Day 15”

  1. Lol! I think your desire for butlers makes total sense! You crack me up 🙂 BTW: I don’t know if you’ve seen your place on my Heroes In My Garden page, but it wouldn’t have been complete without you! ❤


    • Thank you Mandy!! You almost made me cry :).
      That’s a beautiful idea!
      (I’m glad you agree that the butlers make sense… One is not enough :))


      • Hey now–no crying! My garden was just waiting for the likes of YOU. You’re one of my very favorites! ❤


      • Thank you!! :). I’m touched and I have a huge smile :))
        You know how much I admire you!! 🙂


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