512 days to go

th (8)

March 13th – 1 year 4 months and 26 days from today

9.32am Another sunny day. Wow! Like 5 in a row (or 6 or 7… so many that I lost the count!!). That’s a rarity here!

Thursday, I’m supposed to help at school today. I slept 3 hours, I’m smiling but my head hurts. Again I have throat pain but this time I lost my voice, I sound like if I had 2 Scotches and one Martini for breakfast (on the rocks, of course!).
I’m not making any plans for today, except the one of being happier (without the butterfly).

Probably you are wondering now about the 512 (as I did). Among all the 512 pictures I saw, that was my favorite. Today after I posted it, I decided to check what it was. I did a quick search on 512 and I got this smart answer from wikipedia: 512 is the natural number following 511 and preceding 513. (First laugh of the day). Then I also learn that 512 is the area code for Austin, Lampasas, Bastrop, Milam and Central Texas. Another interesting fact 🙂

So I checked again the images and then I found my answer. On May 12th 2008 an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0 struck China’s Sichuan province and killed over 69000 people. So sad, I didn’t even remember that happening.

photo (14)


Now About the shoe story, I promised an explanation today. Here it goes.
Last week I got this message:

photo (11)

Apparently there is something about women and shoes… I’m totally not familiar with it. I mean, I don’t get the “Shoe Fever” at all… I know I’m a bit odd. I tried hard to understand it, I even asked several times but it’s still not clear to me why it’s that way…
This reminds me of my sister (of course!!). She’s two years younger than me. And 4 inches/10 cm shorter. That was always that way. (I’m not particularly tall, 5’4″/1,63m). So, MANY years ago, when I was 11 (OMG, 31 years ago! I feel a pressure on my left arm now…), my mom took us to a shoe store to get a nice pair of shoes to go to a party. My mom chose mine because I couldn’t care less about them, but my sister tried ALL the pairs in the store until she found what she was looking for… A pair of shoes with high heels!!! The thing was, they were TOO small, but they had HIGH HEELS… Probably a dream for a short 9 years old girl… So I guess she had a hard time deciding back then if she should get them or not. Guess what… SHE GOT THEM!! Did you ever heard the expression “you can see bad shoes in the face”? If not, you should have seen my sister’s face!! (And that was my second and really hard laugh of the day). I love you Nani!! (And I also love that you have no idea that I’m writing this blog 🙂 )

I found this picture. Her shoes looked like this one but they were poo brown and they had a flower on the side… OMG, they were horrendous! (but they had HIGH HEELS!!!).


11.23am I really need the teleporter NOW. I’m so late! (But I had a good laugh!)

10.33pm I’m yawning. I think I’ll be going early to bed. And give myself a foot massage 🙂

photo (17)

These are my youngest boy’s feet. I could eat those fatty empanadas 🙂

~ by DotedOn on March 13, 2014.

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