507 days to go

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March 18th – 1 year 4 months and 21 days from today

8.55am I slept much better than the previous 5 nights. The thought of the beige underwear made me laugh in the end and reminded me of this wedding we had in July 2011.
Around March 2011 we got this invitation to attend to a wedding in July. Of course I started stressing about what clothes I should wear for the occasion. The idea of buying something that I knew I was going to wear only once, scared me to death.
So after some thought, I decided I was going to wear this suit I have, a long skirt and jacket. I only needed to buy a top to match the colors and I was done. I told my mom about it, not a very smart thing to do because then she asked me every time we spoke on the phone if I had gotten the top. Of course I hadn’t, I still had plenty of time! March and April passed, nothing got done… In May my mom visited. So the first chance she had, she MADE me try on a top and buy it. Then I thought, “All right! I’m ready for the party”.
But big was my surprise when two weeks before the party I decided to try the skirt and it didn’t fit!! I panicked! That meant that after all I was going to have to buy a stupid dress or something to wear for that time only. I was weeping. Then I thought: “No way! I have bought the top and I will fit in that skirt even if I have to stay standing and hold my breath the entire night”.
So I had this crazy idea of starting a diet to lose a couple of pounds just to fit in the skirt. But I hate dieting so that didn’t work and I had only one week to go. My stress level was rising at incredible speed. “This can’t be happening to me!!” I know that for most women having an excuse to get new clothes is the best thing that could happen to them, but for me, shopping is synonym of torture. And it doesn’t end there. I have to deal with the new things I get every time I open my overcrowded closet (not because I have too much clothes, but because the closet is really small and I don’t get rid of stuff so easily).
One afternoon, I was at the store getting socks for my kids and this AWESOME item appeared in front of my eyes. The first thing that crossed my mind was the TV commercial… I’m SO HAPPY I found this text I pasted below!!

Fantastic Slim ‘N Lift As Seen on TV !!!
Drop a Dress Size Instantly Very Soft & Comfortable!

Slim and Lift makes you look inches smaller and pounds thinner instantly. It hides bulges, bumps and rolls making you look tight and trim. It will help you fit into your favorite pair of jeans, slinky dress or tailored business suits comfortably. The Slim and Lift will give you a smooth, neat and trim look from below the bust line all the way to just above the knees You’ll feel comfortable and confident wearing it.

I even found this picture, OMG I can’t believe my luck!!


So there was only one thing to do, BUY the awesome item!!!
So I did!! Then I got home really excited and tried the item and the skirt but still, it didn’t fit nicely. I was swearing like a sailor. Only 3 days to go. I had to do something! Then I had this brilliant idea of adding extra fabric around the waist of the skirt, just 2 little triangles on each side, that way the stupid skirt HAD to fit nicely. And because I didn’t trust that my idea would help much, I searched for a “Lose 5 Pounds in 3 Days” diet.
The only thing I heard those days was: “Just get another skirt!!” NO WAY!!
So I added the triangles, went on a diet and LOST the 5 pounds and put on the awesome item, and guess what? Then the skirt was TOO big and it kind of fell down. But it was really comfortable. I have to admit that I could eat whatever I pleased without the risk of making the skirt explode πŸ™‚

I just read what I wrote and it sounds like I’m a bit hardheaded right? Luckily it’s only a bit!!!

10.22am I better get moving. This afternoon I’m helping at school making dinosaur footprints. I also have a load of wash in the dryer and my bed FULL with 2 other loads that I never folded or put away.

10.11pm Footprints made. Partially folded the wash. And I can’t wait to go to bed!


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6 Responses to “507 days to go”

  1. I am still laughing!!!


  2. Good!! The best way to start the day πŸ™‚


  3. […] have the time to do it at home because I had to fix my skirt, (I wrote a funny post about it here) so I had to do it in the car and it was a bit dark. That time he didn’t notice (but it […]


  4. πŸ˜€ ‘Then the skirt was TOO big and it kind of fell down’, someone at work once said to me “what you have to remember Andrew is women are not like men they’re a totally different animal” after reading ladies blogs on WP I’m lol inclined to agree. XX

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