504 days to go

th (16)

March 21st – 1 year 4 months and 18 days from today

11.04am Spring starts today. It’s raining. It looks really sad outside. Thank goodness I still have the residual effect of yesterday’s happiness.
I woke up this morning with my neck hurting. I fell asleep last night on this not really comfortable position and now I can’t turn my head to the left.
My youngest kids don’t have school today. Free Friday. For the teachers probably because mine looks fully booked. That’s why it’s so late. And also because I don’t feel really inspired just yet. The man is also here. I still don’t get how it can be possible that his presence affects me so much. He’s a great guy, you can ask him anything. YOU, not me. He’s kind of a jerk with me. I still don’t get that either. He’s behaving much better now, but I feel it’s TOO late, I almost don’t care. I like it though because that sets a better example for kids.
When I think of his strange behavior I soon think of his mother. That’s a piece of work. I think I could write three books about her. I will start telling you that she gives me a twitch in my eye every time she’s less than 100 miles away from where I am.
She doesn’t live in this country, her sister does, so she visits often. Luckily her husband doesn’t like coming here because the weather is bad and sitting in his sister in law’s living room for three weeks is worse than walking on broken glass. I’m not exaggerating. One afternoon in her house is like one week in any other place. The time just stops there. Every second lasts about 5 minutes. And the worst part is that she has all the clocks set about half an hour ahead… OMG! When you think your time to leave is there, you still have to wait for those interminable 30 minutes!!
Sorry, I started talking about one of them and I moved to the sister. It’s because they are like a unity. And I’m happy it’s that way. I can handle the aunt for a while but I cannot handle the mom. Only once and once only she came here to stay with us alone. Actually they both came together and I had this stupid accident and hurt my right wrist and couldn’t use my hand at all so THEY (not me), decided that the mom was staying in our house to help… That’s another thing… She doesn’t help, she’s used to me entertaining and serving coffee (like 6 a day). She’s the kind of person who will say: “Let me help you cooking, go and sit” And then she goes to the kitchen and starts calling: “Where do you have a big pan? Where are the wooden spoons?” Like if she wouldn’t know!! How many times I got the sisters sneaking into my things?? THOUSANDS!!! So then I go and put the pan on the fire. “Where is the pasta?” Again I leave what I’m doing to put on the pasta. After 10 minutes she starts chasing me with a rigatoni on a fork: “Can you tell me if it’s done?” For God’s sake woman!! You are over 60 years old! I bet you prepared pasta 5 million times. She makes me nuts!!
Remembering her made my neck pain even worse. Now I have my shoulders also contracted… 🙂


I’ve carefully chosen to use this flower below to wish you all a HAPPY SPRING. One cold December evening in 2012 someone rang the bell. I went to open the door and I found a man holding this huge bouquet. I immediately thought it was for my neighbor and that she wasn’t home. But the man said: “It’s for you”. Ohh… I got inside and looked at the card hanging. I really wanted to take a picture of it to show it to you but I couldn’t find it. It was written: “It’ll get better”. The flowers were from a former teacher, she had moved abroad half a year earlier and probably someone told her that I wasn’t well. I remember that I sat down and started crying. I was really moved by it, specially because she never showed much feelings or emotions. I really liked her. Seeing those yellow and bright flowers that dark day gave me some hope.

photo (7)

And since I couldn’t find the card, I looked for a nice spring quote with the same meaning. It’ll get better. I promise it did.


1.34pm Writing with people around is not easy. That took long!

11.49pm Another day gone. I think I was abducted again!

~ by DotedOn on March 21, 2014.

2 Responses to “504 days to go”

  1. I didn´t know about the flowers…
    It´ll get better, it does.


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