501 days to go

th (19)

March 24th – 1 year 4 months and 15 days from today

7.56am I can barely open my eyes. I’m really tired today and I feel a bit down. The weekend was a bit disappointing. The sun is shining outside and I hear the birds singing. Now is when I love to sleep. The morning sounds are like a lullaby for me. I just checked the weather forecast, it’ll rain after noon.. What a waste! On the picture, you see my morning view. I have blinds but I don’t use them anymore. I remember the time when I couldn’t sleep with any light in the room. Even the red stand by light of the TV kept me awake. I used to place something in front of it every night before going to sleep. Now I NEED the light.


Then I moved here. My first house didn’t have blinds, so I made a dark curtain. Then when I moved to the university campus (because I broke up with holiday guy), I didn’t have anything, not even a bed. That was exactly 16 year ago. The man found one bed near a garbage container the same morning that I was moving so he took it for me. I thought back then that it was a beautiful thing to do. He did really thoughtful things for me. But those lasted less than a year, exactly till the day I met his mom. I should have known that nothing was going to be OK again instead of hoping things will go back to what I thought it was normal.
So I bought the mattress and the bed sheets. Washing the sheets was and adventure too… I didn’t have a washing machine and there was “no way I’m going to lay on that if it is’t washed first”. So I did that task in the kitchen sink… “Great, now how the hell I’m going to take out the excess of water?!?” Shit that was HEAVY and difficult. I remember doing it by little pieces and making a mess all around… Then I hung the soaked sheet on a radiator (because it didn’t matter how hard I wrung the fabric, it was still dripping). And then, “How the hell I’m going to dry the floor!! This never ends”. But I was happy I had my own place. But I didn’t have curtains… Even if I had, no system was there to hang them… So I spent the first week and a half learning how to sleep with so much light, it was hell!! Then I went to the open market in town and got fabric, so that night I improvised a curtain. Also because it’s very common here that the windows are wall size, so I felt watched all the time… No idea by whom, because it was a third floor and the only things you could see were the treetops. And the birds. And the squirrels! So many of them.

8.40am I have to share my view now. Amazing how such a beautiful morning can change in such a short time… I bet that if I wait 20 more minutes I can show you my white sky.
I better get moving. A lot of washing to do. And I can’t wait to see today’s assignment. I love writing!

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11.36pm My day didn’t get much better. And I still didn’t do my assignment consisting in coming up with conflict ideas for the characters I created yesterday.

~ by DotedOn on March 24, 2014.

2 Responses to “501 days to go”

  1. Are you focusing too much and not getting enough sleep, Paola?


  2. you bet!! 😀


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