496 days to go

th (3)

March 29th – 1 year 4 months and 10 days from today

9.50am Having breakfast. And trying to accept my change of plans. There was no ice skating today but they didn’t know so they woke up early anyway. I went to bed around 2.30am and woke up at 6.50am, feeling completely rested and happy. And that happiness lasted till I heard the door opening and saw the man coming in.
That means that I can’t write right now… Or better said, I can’t write my post because I have to write the supermarket list. So I’ll be going grocery shopping in some moments. I hope to be back soon.
Really beautiful day, sunny AND warm. Short sleeves day!

4.04pm Just back from the supermarket. My kids are around and it’s hard to concentrate. I’ll try to write in a while.

9.17pm I spent the rest of the afternoon crafting and trying to convince one of my kids to go out with me and take pictures of this town. I’m looking for cows. I’m not sure they are out yet, but the temperature is really good for the time of the year and I could already smell them. I’d love to post the smell for you but I’m sure you’ll ever read this again.
When I was living here for one year, my sister and husband visited me. The first thing my sister said was: “This town stinks like cow shit, how can you live here??” I guess I got used to the mild scent, but now, end of March – beginning of April, the trucks fertilize the lands and the stench is unbearable. And the smells stays in the air for quite a long time too, and that means a lot of flies. We just had the warmest winter in history. I remember we had a fly in the house in December! That’s really strange. We only had like 20 snowflakes and that was it. I’m not complaining, I wish every year the weather were like that. Two winters ago my jaw froze. I’m not sure if you ever had that experience. I couldn’t talk. I remember coming back from school with my kids and they were running ahead of me and I wanted to shout at them but my voice sounded really funny, like if I wanted to talk with my mouth full of liquid.
I don’t think I could ever miss this place!
I still don’t have my garage deadline. I’ll put some pressure tomorrow.

~ by DotedOn on March 29, 2014.

2 Responses to “496 days to go”

  1. This one has a number! I live near a farm, and when the fertilizer is applied, it’s awful for a few days.


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