495 days to go

th (4)

March 30th – 1 year 4 months and 9 days from today

5.03pm This is like the fourth attempt I make to write. I will need to think how I’m going to do this during weekends. It looks like nobody is happy with me smiling in front of the computer.
We change the time today, one hour ahead. That means even less sleep.
Luckily last night I fell asleep before 10.30pm, I guess I was exhausted. Saturday shopping is BAD! Full of people. Then to get home with all the groceries and putting them in the right place stresses me. Hideous job. Nothing fits anywhere!
I was wondering if any of you was worried because I didn’t write earlier. I’m alive! And the man went to pick my son from a birthday party, so I have a few minutes.

Last week I went to buy a present for one of my kids’ friends. I left all my boys outside and went in with my little girl. After 2 minutes in the store, she found this blue thing that had the shape of a mobile phone but it was a make-up case. So she took it and came to me: “Mom, isn’t it beautiful?” “Of course it is”. I still don’t see the beauty in make-up because I don’t really use it. Maybe 3 times a year I put on some mascara or lipstick. But she’s all girlie so she couldn’t resist. So then I asked her: “Do you like it?” “Yes”. And then I saw that there were also pink ones. So I took a pink one and asked: “Which one do you like more?” (like I wouldn’t know!). “The pink one!!” “Ok, would you like to have it?” “Yes, then when I get home, I’m going to tidy up and help you cook, ok?” “Ok, deal”. So I bought the thing for her. Next day she used the make-up. Yellow eye shadow on the nose, pink on the cheeks, some blue around the eyes. And of course “lipstip” (that’s how she calls it. She doesn’t use the Spanish word for it. We correct her every time but she likes “lipstip” more than lipstick). So I looked at her and said: “Wow!! you look like a princess!!” And she answered: “I AM a princess!!”. So there she is, all bossy and confident. And she’s not married yet, so the only way for her to be a princess it’s if I’m a queen. Now I need a kingdom. And a prince charming, not a king because then I won’t be the ruler 🙂

Except for the 2 loads of wash, it was one of the most unproductive days ever. Still some hours to go, maybe something will change (yeah, right!).

They are back. And I got a present from my boy, a ring that apparently goes with my personality.

photo (6)

11.26pm Nothing changed, of course! I took the wash from the dryer and I let it on the couch. I helped my oldest son with some maths homework and prepared dinner.
Every year the same, the week when we change the time in March, I’m lost (and late in everything!). Not looking forward to Monday morning. I didn’t prepare the lunch boxes or the clothes for the kids. It’s going to be a hard week.

~ by DotedOn on March 30, 2014.

2 Responses to “495 days to go”

  1. Long (and apparently cold) week ahead here, too. I get your feeling


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