494 days to go


March 31st – 1 year 4 months and 8 days from today

8.31am I can feel the lost hour. I turned off the alarm clock, closed my eyes for a second and I was gone for 40 minutes. Then of course it was very stressful to get the kids ready. They couldn’t wake up either.

Yesterday we had to fix a drain pipe, (I’ll try to add a picture soon so you can understand what I mean), because last summer my third boy climbed it to go to the first floor to take a ball that got stuck there. I don’t need to explain how dangerous or difficult that is. The pipes are made of plastic. His weight made it move and it cracked.

photo (7)

While I was looking for an adapter to connect the hose to clean the mess, I found a present that I got a couple of Christmas ago. I’ll give you 5000 chances to guess what I got and I’m sure you won’t go even near. So here it goes… I got 2 (not one), toilet deodorizers. Yes!! That thing that you hang on your toilet and gives a scent. I got that from the man’s aunt. I barely could hide the surprise. I was smiling but really I couldn’t believe it. This woman gives us a box (or 2) of groceries and strange things every time we visit her or when she visits us. If she wanted to give me the toilet deodorizers she could have done it, of course, but she could have added them to the box. (I need to say here that EVERYTHING in the box comes with a plastic bag around). But to wrap up 2 toilet deodorizers on Christmas paper?? I thought it was WAY too much. So I looked at the man and said: “Is this a hint or what? Does our toilet stink?” He knew that arguing with me was a lost battle, so he went safe and said: “I admit that she was very creative with that one”. I was really shocked, not offended because she’s the kind of person who wraps up a box of tea, soap, a toothbrush and things of the kind (and NEVER EVER remembers (or cares enough), to remove the price tag of anything). But a toilet deodorizer??
We’ll see her in Easter and of course we’ll get the box(es). I promise I’ll take pictures of the items inside because I know it’s difficult to believe.
The toilet deodorizer reminds me about other story. I’ll write about it soon. Now I really need to do something productive and tidy up the terrible mess I left yesterday in my living room.
I’m helping at school today so I have really little time. We are making bonbons again, but this time for sale 🙂

9.28pm I can’t wait to go to bed! The clothes are still on the couch and we’ll finish the bonbons tomorrow. I’m exhausted…

~ by DotedOn on March 31, 2014.

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