490 days to go

th (9)

April 4th – 1 year 4 months and 4 days from today

11.55am I slept really bad again. I mean, the almost three hours of sleep I got were horrible. I have this headache for three straight days. I just took a painkiller (again). I know it’ll knock me down. The good (or really bad) thing is that my kids don’t have school today. I’m not sure I could cycle feeling like this.
Remember a few days ago I said having a princess daughter made me a queen? I don’t want to be a queen anymore. At least not until I leave this place. The tittle “Queen of Cowshitland” creeps me out. I rather be a commoner somewhere else… (Like in Arkansas, and marry my first cousin).

I organized a play date for my daughter. I invited her friend at 11 o’clock. At 10.10am I decided: “I better leave bed and go to have breakfast before she gets here”. One hour earlier, my 3rd son asked: “Can I prepare breakfast?” “Yes, knock yourself out”. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut… Or prepare breakfast the previous night. A few moments later my 2nd son came to my bedroom with a huge Lego construction to show me. I asked: “How does it look the living room” “It’s ok… I would say 20 things on the floor”. Ok… that’s not much… in less than one hour we have the living room shining. When I got downstairs I almost fainted. The softest WTF was heard 5 blocks away. Screaming my 2nd boy’s name and asking: “Only 20 things?!?! I see only 20 things in this square inch”. Oh gosh I was MAD. When he heard that, he rushed downstairs but like on the second step, the Lego construction broke and fell, all the pieces rolling down. “Great, what else now?!?” And I just knew, so I opened the bathroom door to check the daily surprise. Of course I found it!! “Yay, I’ll also need to clean this… In less than 45 minutes!!”
Little monsters wanted chocolate sprinkles on the bread… So they put the sprinkles on the bread and all around… ALL around. And that wasn’t all. They had the brilliant idea of giving my 1,5 year old a bread with sprinkles without taking care of sitting him on his high chair first. He walked and ate. Happy as dog with two tails. I know his happy face when he gets sweets. And I know how much he hates the high chair. I’m sure he thought, “You’re cooler than mom, bro”… I’ll be vacuuming sprinkles for weeks… I can tell. I already removed a few from inside his nappy.
So instead of drinking my tea, I had to clean like a mad person. Hoping they were not exactly on time. They were not. It’s 12.27pm now and the house looks ok. But my daughter is not exactly happy… Again, I rather have the house like a mess than her asking every 6 seconds: “When will she get here?”
I guess I can’t have it all. Not today.

2.08pm The dad of my daughter’s friend just left. They are from New Zealand. I admire him very much, he used to be the teacher of my 2nd boy a couple of years ago. He’s a GREAT teacher. And a free spirit too. I’m glad he stayed here and we drank a tea and chatted. I’m feeling much better now!

I’ll try to post the picture of a flower a day, because the spring finally got me!
I got that tulip from a dad the day I shouted to the teacher. The others are the ones I had on my hair.

photo (11)

I’ll give lunch to the kids now. See you!

8.02pm Still feeling sick and in bed now. I hope I’ll be sleeping soon.


~ by DotedOn on April 4, 2014.

2 Responses to “490 days to go”

  1. Oh boy, I miss SO much spring there!!!


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