486 days to go

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April 8th – 1 year and 4 months from today

9.56am I just finished breakfast and loaded the washing machine. If I get to fold and put that away, I’ll have ALL the wash ready. At least until tonight when the basket will be full again. That’s a freaking never ending thing.

Everything is connected to something, at least in my life. Every day I find something that later will be related to something else. Last Friday, I gave my kids pasta with some vegetables. After they finished eating, I found these near my little one’s chair. I thought it was funny, so I took a picture. I’m not sure if you can see, but those are peas. It seems that he didn’t like them and that was his way of telling me.
And those peas go perfectly with today’s story.

photo (15)

Since I’m still not going to the garage to get rid of the stuff as it was promised to me, I started the cleaning yesterday with my special items’ boxes. Things I’ve collected over the years. Mostly memories. But I think I’m ready to let go of most of it. From the 2 boxes, I’ll make one by Friday. Then I’ll start with my closet, 10 items will go with the promise that I’ll buy something if I need it (yeah right!).
So, I was going through some of the stuff in the box, and I’m not sure how or why, I ended up remembering this.
When I was 5 years old, I had a teacher who every week organized a raffle among the kids and the prize was something that she had brought from her house (I bet she was decluttering too!!).
Previously, she had showed us all the prizes. I remember that I was only interested in one book. A copy of “The Princess and The Pea” by Hans Christian Andersen. The book didn’t have a cover and it was quite damaged, but still, I loved it. I really wanted that prize.
I think I wanted it SO much, that I ended up winning it. And, I’m sure my mom, (The Queen of the Clean and the Tidy), saw that book in terrible conditions and threw it away. She did that several times in my life, maybe that’s why I ended up being a hoarder.
The picture of the bed that I remember from that book was really colorful and had the canopy too. It looked more or less like this one I found:


The story, if you don’t know it, it’s about a Prince who wanted to get married to a Princess but the search was very difficult. One stormy night there was a knock on the castle’s door. The Queen rushed to open it and found a girl who was completely soaked. The girl said: “I’m a princess, I got caught in the storm. May I sleep here tonight?”. The Queen accepted her request and decided to test if the girl was really a Princess, so she let the servants made the bed with several mattresses and quilts. Later, the Queen hid a pea between the mattresses. Next morning, the Queen asked the girl if she had slept good and got this for answer: “No, I slept terribly. There was something hard in the bed and my back is bruised now”. The Prince was very happy to find such a delicate Princess so they married and lived happily ever after.

Either my bad night sleep, the picture I found of myself when I was five years old, the teacher decluttering her house, the peas or my encounter with the picture of this bed below, made me think about that memory. I’m not sure which one could be the reason, or probably all of the above, in any case remembering it, made me smile.

photo (14)

Since I saw that book so many years ago, I think of a Princess’s bed as one with a canopy.
When I saw the bed on the picture above I said: “That looks like a Princess’s bed”. I love the lights on it. I love the window and the three pictures on the wall. I wonder how many mattresses it has. I’m dying to sleep there at least one night. As I’m dying to meet the guy saying: “You belong here, that’s what you are”.

Spring, spring, love, love… Here it goes my daily dose!

image (4)

That flower is on my neighbors front yard.
My washing machine keeps giving me an error message (technology sucks!!!). I’m not sure what I’ll do now. I can’t find my keys but I know they are in the house. I’m a bit lost at this point. But I know one thing, tonight, before I’m going to sleep, I’m going to check if there is any pea hidden somewhere.

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