482 days to go

th (17)

April 12th – 1 year 3 months and 26 days from today

8.01am I slept a lot I think. I went to bed very early and around 10.30pm I turned off the light. I woke up many times but I decided to close my eyes again and sleep some more. No dreams though.
Blue sky outside and 0 degrees C or 32 F… WTF?!? Where is my spring. I hope my flowers are still alive.
10.42am Still in bed.

A few weeks ago, I was reading an article and I don’t know how I ended up opening this link. Please take a few minutes to watch it —> http://www.babble.com/baby/25-things-to-not-do-with-your-baby/
Some of the pictures made me laugh and some of them made me hate the parents with all my heart. I bet I made more than one person feel that many times.
There was this time when my kids were playing at a park. There was this thing that was like a fountain but not really a fountain. The water came from the ground, went up and then disappeared again on the ground.
It was beginning of October, I remember because I was expecting my third child and I was about to pop. And it was kind of cold and cloudy.
So my kids were jumping the water every time it came up. And I was shouting: “It’s cold! You are going to get wet. Stop it!” But they were having so much fun and laughing so hard that I just sat down and watched them play. Then, one of them had the brilliant idea of stopping the water with his chest. Right there the real fun started. Then to stop it with the head. I was covering my mouth because I really wanted to scream but then I remember how much I would have loved to do that when I was a little girl. So I allowed them to get completely soaked till they came to me saying they were “a bit” cold. You have to imagine that meanwhile, the people around was watching. But of course they didn’t see two boys having the time of their lives, they saw a big fat mama sitting there and letting their kids catch pneumonia. They didn’t actually gave me a thumb down, but I could read that on their faces (and see the NO of their moving heads). I just let that one slip.
Then we had to take the bus to get back home. My only concern was that the driver would say: “They can’t ride on this bus because they are soaking”, so I entered first being sure to block the man’s view. And trust me, it was a really easy task because my third pregnancy belly was something that I never saw before. That one was hard to hide. My belly started on my back and bellow my neck and ended lower than where most end. Since the fourth month people started asking me if I was about to deliver. “What the fuck do you care?” I was a bit hormonal, but I managed to smile and said “A couple of weeks to go”. Nobody here minds their own business.
So we stepped on the bus and I could hear the comments about my soaked children and I could feel the disapproval. But nobody paid attention to how happy my kids looked, they only saw they were wet and I was careless.
I got home, put all the clothes in the washing machine, let my kids have a hot shower and that was it. Not one sneeze or runny nose the next day.

And because of the smile on their faces, I allowed this below to happen once…

photo (17)

That day I told my boy: “One of these days, I’m going to post that picture” Yay!!! Another fulfilled promise!!

Spring dose coming soon 🙂


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