478 days to go


April 16th – 1 year 3 months and 22 days from today

9.24am Having breakfast. The carrot cake we prepared with my daughter yesterday was amazing… still is, I just had a piece.
Blue sky outside, light blue to be exact. There is this thin layer of haze in the air. And it’s COLD! It was below the freezing point this morning. I felt cold all the night. Little monster didn’t let me sleep, he woke up every hour. When he finally fell asleep, my daughter came to my room. “Is it time to go to school?” “NOOOOO, still 1.5 hour to go… Go back to bed”. She’s excited. Tomorrow the kids celebrate Easter at school. They go on their pajamas and have breakfast there. Then they get chocolate eggs and there are some activities too. And the egg fight competition, where two kids fight with their hard boiled eggs (egg against egg). The winner is the one with the unbroken egg.
So guess what I’ll be doing this afternoon… searching how to boil the hardest eggs! My third son asked for it last year. “Mom, next year YOU HAVE TO give me the winner egg”. I’m sure some YouTube friend will help me with that one.

I’m really sleepy today, I’m glad the previous days I slept quite a lot (comparing to my standards…). I’m still exhausted. My mind is still full and I feel like I don’t even have the room for daydreaming as much as I like. Which is a shame because that’s my favorite thing in the world! Everything now is limited, except some things I really wish I could limit.

Last Sunday, my oldest son gave my youngest son some chocolate dessert. I’m not sure if he gave him a spoon too, in any case, my little one didn’t use it. I thought he looked SO cute!


And this one below is my second son when he was maybe two years old. He’s full of surprises. With that I mean, he goes from being the sweetest boy on earth, to really scary in a couple of seconds. I wonder if all this astrological stuff has something to do with it. He’s a Libra. Always balancing good and bad…


Now you have met all of them. They are my life and many times the only reason I’m still in Cowshitland. But it’s also for them that I want to leave. There is more out there than cows’ shit.

Changing subject. If you get the chance to borrow the proton laser gun from an alien, who would you blast? How many of you can shoot only once and be happy? I’m asking because as soon as I though about it, I came up with a list… I know, that’s sad… But let’s say you don’t actually kill your target… you only make them intelligent or useful. How long would be your list? (couple of pages at least).


I better go back to reality, finish my tea, change a diaper, tidy the living room, get dressed, clean my bedroom, load the dishwasher… NO WAY, give me the freaking gun I need to finish some businesses here.

Out of focus spring dose. Some of my neighbor’s azaleas are out. And so am I.

photo (1)

~ by DotedOn on April 16, 2014.

2 Responses to “478 days to go”

  1. Que belleza esos nenes… los extraño a todos, mucho mucho!!!


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