477 days to go


April 17th – 1 year 3 months and 21 days from today

7.08am The alarm clock just rang. Time to wake the kids and get them ready for school. And me too. I’m helping the whole day there. Easter celebration.
I spent some time yesterday looking for the hardest boiled eggs but nothing really made sense so I just boiled the eggs and let’s hope they had strong genes and at least my boy passes to the second round.
After picking my kids from school yesterday, I had to do some shoppings. I went to the store and left the bike and the kids on a corner. It’s not pleasant to go with all of them to the store. They want everything, they talk to me all the time and I end up forgetting what I needed to buy.
So I was searching for my things and couldn’t find them. I guess I was there for ten minutes and I got tired so I took what I found and went to pay. There was a long line so I waited. After five minutes, someone went in the store and asked who was the parent of the kids outside. I said “Me”. And then she started shouting at me that how I could leave four kids alone on the crossing streets. That she had gone and returned to the supermarket and they were still there. So I said, they are not on the crossing, they are far away AND inside the trailer. I left the bike standing on a garbage container (only place I found), then there was the sidewalk, the bikes pad, another sidewalk and then the street. So she said I was irresponsible and that she went to ask a boy of probably ten years (my second boy) why the were there and the only thing he said was “I don’t know”, then she asked where was I and he said again “I don’t know”. So apparently that pissed her off because she was fuming. And when I heard that she dared to open the trailer to talk (or spy) on my kids, I shouted back “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS”. And pretended I didn’t care. I was shaking, I didn’t know if they were actually in the trailer or if they had just gone out and were running on the streets. I waited some more. It was very slow, the long line wasn’t moving at all, so I placed my shopping basket on a pile of things I found, and I left cursing in Spanish at the old bitch (who was long gone but I hope my cursing got her wherever she was and that something not nice happened to her. I’m sorry to think that way, but she completely ruined my day, left me shaking, and worst of all, left my kids feeling really bad about it.

Those things happen really often here. I hate it. They make me sad. Why she had to go and unload her frustrations on me? Everyone is like that here. They don’t have lives so they invade yours. Nobody minds their own business. I always think of people here like “The Dog in the Manger”… Have you ever heard about it? It comes from a proverb, also found in the form of a fable from Aesop, in which a dog will neither eat, nor let other animals eat. So sad!

No flowers today so I’m sharing this collage I made called “Hidden Suns”. Using some pictures some of you sent me and some that I took myself.


I have to dress and leave soon! See you.

~ by DotedOn on April 17, 2014.

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