473 days to go


April 21st – 1 year 3 months and 17 days from today

4.42pm No dream that I remember. Strange night. Not so good morning and really unproductive day, even if I spent 3 hours cleaning.
I just sat down and I’m waiting to see how long will it take to the man to make a comment about it. 12.30pm he said, “I’ll be here at 1.00pm and we finish some chores”. “OK”. Did you see him? Me neither. And it’s not that he went somewhere, he’s in his room.

I wanted to say, yesterday I got 2 toilet deodorizers, not wrapped, from the man’s aunt. Around 80 packages of candy and chocolate, that if I feel in the mood, I will display on the table and take a picture. It sounds unbelievable, I know… And I hate to be taken as a liar. So either later when my kids are asleep, or tomorrow when they are at school, I’ll do it. Nine packages of cookies. Four cans of sausages (they come in cans here, I was shocked when I saw that. In my country they come in vacuumed packages and you find them in the fridge). My house is small. The place I have to store food is really small. And the place to store things that are not even food, it’s smaller. And I’m decluttering. It took me two weeks to empty the food cover. Now the only way to make room again it’s to feed my kids junk. And when I do it, she can criticize my way of raising my kids. So this is how my life looks like now. It doesn’t matter what I choose, it’s always the wrong choice.

Now I’ll try to sneak upstairs and take a shower without public or company. My head hurts. I really need some days off.
From this Friday my kids have 10 days of holidays, we are planning to go somewhere. But I never count that as a vacation. A vacation is only if I go to an all inclusive hotel with people who take care of my kids so at least for a couple of hours I can hear my thoughts, and only my thoughts.

No flowers today. It’s raining and I don’t feel like doing it.

photo (5)

I’m such a liar!! 73 candies (packages). I couldn’t resist so I said to my kids: “help me out and you get candy”. The truth is that there are more things, like marzipan balls, nougat, chocolate bars, bonbons, peanuts and more peanuts, but I stored them really good and I don’t want to look for them now.
I just ate 7 chocolate bonbons and I’m not feeling great… I did it to make room, of course. Make that 7 an 8…

~ by DotedOn on April 21, 2014.

2 Responses to “473 days to go”

  1. I can´t belive it! Toilet deodorizer AGAIN!!! You didn´t put them in the picture :))


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