471 days to go


April 23rd – 1 year 3 months and 15 days from today

8.11am I slept terribly and went to bed really late. I stayed watching a movie. “Only You” (1994). I remember I loved that movie the first time I watched it. It was in the cinema with my sister and one of my cousins. But last night, I loved it even more. This morning I woke up with a smile. And a headache that I’m sure I’ll carry the entire day. Never mind as long as the smile stays.

A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to a store. Of course I didn’t want to go inside with all my kids, so I said to my boys: “you stay here and I go with your sister”. I left the bike on a car parking space on the street and said to my second son: “DO NOT let the bike fall, hold it, I’ll be back in 3 minutes”. There was a man on the sidewalk, and I smiled at him before entering the store because he was watching us.
I think I was in the store for less than two minutes, and when I went out, I found a lot of people around my kids. I panicked. I rushed and asked my oldest son: “What happened?” “He let the bike fall on that woman’s car”. I started cursing for some seconds in Spanish until the woman approached me. She started talking and showed me the mark the bike left on her car. I was about to faint for many reasons. 1) I didn’t have my ID (and here is illegal to leave the house without one). 2) I was going to have wait for the police (normal procedure here but I wasn’t only nervous about not having any ID. There was also the problem that I never renewed my residence permit because I don’t really need it, because I have European passport, but some cops do not agree with that). 3) I was going to have to call the man to bring all the insurance papers (meaning that he would have to leave work). 4) What comes after that… Shit.
I looked at my second son and said “I asked you to hold the damn bike for 3 minutes, I didn’t even took 2 minutes to be back… Was that a hard thing to do???” So the woman said something else and I replied in English. She said she didn’t speak English (rare, everyone under the age of 80 speaks English here). After some seconds, the man I had smiled earlier, interrupted and said something to the woman. Then she looked back at me and said: “It’s fine”, she entered the car and left.
I looked at the man again and had to smile at him. “Thank you”.
That was probably the second time in almost 17 years that I’m here that someone helped me (and I don’t remember the first).
So, I’m not sure if I wouldn’t have smiled to the man, if he would have interceded for me.
I’m glad I can still smile (it’s hard sometimes, here nobody smiles back, it’s really disappointing). He did smile back.


A special man sent me this once. I thought it was nice. Being someone’s else reason of their smile is beautiful. I’m smiling now remembering him (I wish I could tell him, “YOU ARE THE REASON BEHIND MY SMILE”. I’m a romantic, I’ll never change (I hope I never change!!).

image (1)

Spring dose! From one of the houses near the corner of my house. I love the grass around, it gives a sense of wildness. (But I’m sure my neighbor won’t approve… That means it’s not really good taken care of. Like my plant pot, with the bad weeds.

photo 2 (2)

Going to get breakfast with my huge smile. Thank you!

~ by DotedOn on April 23, 2014.

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