465 days to go


April 29th – 1 year 3 months and 9 days from today

10.31am I’m so tired! Yesterday we walked a lot. We went back to Pula, I took more pictures and in the evening I couldn’t post them because WordPress wasn’t working and then I got too tired and went to sleep. There are not small lamps by the bed and if I turn on the big lamp I wake up my little girl and I’m sure she takes care of waking up the rest.

Later in the afternoon we went to a natural park (Rt Kamanjak) looking for a beach (we couldn’t find it), we asked a local and he said: “it’s there, 150 meters”… But I think the meters they learn at school in this country are different than the ones we know, because we walked over one kilometer and the beach was still very far away. We’ll try again another time with the car.

This morning it was raining, now it’s dry and it seems that the sun will shine. (I really hope so because staying inside with the kids it’s really bad!).

These are the pictures I promised yesterday. The amphitheater at night and during the day.




photo 1

photo 4

And these are yesterday’s and today’s flowers. The tree is in front of the archaeological museum in Pula and the dandelions are on the side of a truck stop ( 🙂 ) somewhere in Germany… I have a picture too but I wasn’t able to download it.
My son is mad at me so he didn’t tell me the password of his computer, so I couldn’t do it. And now I’m twice as mad so he won’t be seeing his computer for several days… Even if that means that no more pictures are posted (or even worse, I give in and ask the man to use his computer).



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