443 days to go


May 21st – 1 year 2 months and 17 days from today

9.18am I was promised a sunny and warm day and I’m having a cloudy a cool one. That sucks… We are supposed to cycle to a water park in Germany with some people from school and if the day stays likes this, it’ll only mean stress… Because I know that my kids will go into the water no matter how cold it is.

I want to say that I’m really sorry if yesterday’s post broke your heart. It broke mine too and even when I tried to write something else, I had that thought floating in my mind and I thought that if I got it out of my system, I would feel better. I did in a way. And it really helped that the man came home really late and I didn’t have to see him.
But today he’s working from home. Luckily, he’s very busy.

Yesterday I got a Zen Garden with Buddha, candles, stones, place to put incense and all.
I made my kids sit in a circle and meditate for a while. I’m not sure if it helped, but I’m try to let them see how important it is to listen to the silence. I stopped writing for a few minutes and downloaded 9 apps with sounds of nature. My second son requested that after I told him that many years ago while waiting for the needles of my acupuncture session to work, I used to set the background music to “Singing Birds” and some forest sounds because that really calmed me down. It still does, that’s why I love to sleep in the morning. I have my own birds’ orchestra playing for me from the tree close to my house.
So this evening, I’m going to try if the addition of sounds help or not. Anything to sooth my kids angry tempers (which I really don’t blame because living in this house in not healthy at all).

I’m going to get something done because as I mentioned before, I’m being watched today.

Today’s spring dose is dedicated to all the wild flowers growing in perfect forests (with birds singing for them).


~ by DotedOn on May 21, 2014.

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