438 days to go


May 26th – 1 year 2 months and 12 days from today

9.15am I just finished breakfast. I wanted to write earlier but I thought that the man was going to be home. I guess now that he went to work after dropping the kids at school. He probably said that but I’m sure I didn’t pay attention.
I still have stomachache. This sucks. I know I’m anxious. I also know that the next weeks are going to be shaky. Every year around this time everything is strange. At school they have all kind of activities and things and the timetable changes every day. It looks like they want to fit what they didn’t do during the year in the last month of school. That reminds me that I have to finish the library project. All the books are scanned (at least the ones with a barcode). Now I have to add a barcode to the ones without one. About a hundred or so. Then put them back on the shelves and arrange a lending system. All things that I usually enjoy but doing them with the little one between my legs is horrible! He discovered the action-reaction thing and he’s testing it with everything. I can say that his favorite thing to do now it’s to turn off the computer. When he does that at school, I have to restrain myself from crying. Those computers take around 15 minutes to start. I’m not joking. I send a SMS to the teacher before leaving the house asking if she can turn on the computer because I get crazy waiting. And when my cutie shuts it down…. Ughhhh… Well, patience. (And rage that I can’t hide!).

Hiding and appearances… Why to hide your feelings? In my case because I think that showing them could cause more harm than hiding them. Otherwise they are out. I don’t mind people see me crying or shouting. But I do care when I’m judge by the appearances… Nobody knows what’s going on inside me when I’m showing my feelings. Sometimes I don’t even know it myself.
Things are not what they seem to be. Sometimes they are better. Sometimes they are worse! (or much worse, disappointing…).

Here it goes a joke I read some time ago and I loved. About appearances and honesty.

A guy from a small town moves to a big city and goes looking for a job at one of those huge department stores. The manager looks at the guy and doesn’t think he could be able to sell a thing but accepts to give him a chance after the guy assures the manager that he has some sales experience. “You can start tomorrow and I’ll be back at the end of the day to see how you did”.
Next day at closing time, the manager approaches the guy and asks: “How many sales did you make today?” The guy looks a bit ashamed and says: “Only one, sir” “ONLY ONE!!! Our sales people are use to at least 20 sales a day…” The manager was disappointed but before firing him, he decided to ask: “And how much was the sale for?” “$109,306.63” “$109,306.63?!? What the hell did you sell?” “First I sold him a small fish hook. Then I sold him a medium fish hook. Then I sold him a larger fish hook. Then I sold him a new fishing rod, some fishing accessories, special clothing, a portable fridge, and some beer. Then I asked where he was going fishing, he said down at the coast, so I sold him a boat and when he said he didn’t think that his car would pull it, I sold him a 4×4”. “A guy came here to buy a a fish hook and you sold him a boat and a truck?” “No, he actually came here to buy tampons for his wife and I said: “Your weekend is fucked up, dude! You better go fishing!”.

“Don’t judge the book by it’s cover”… How many times did you hear that before? Still, sometimes it’s hard to give anything a chance. And what about “Not all that shines is gold”… Well, I wish it were… I can’t have another disappointment!

Now I’m debating between a not so beautiful flower with amazing perfume or a beautiful flower that smells like crap. I’ll go with the second option because I don’t think that ugly flowers exist!
In my country we call this kind of wild daisies “Culo de Vieja” (Old Lady’s Ass) because they smell funny. But I think they are truly beautiful.


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