435 days to go


May 29th – 1 year 2 months and 9 days from today

1.31pm Ascension Day. It’s holiday here. Tomorrow too. I’m not sure why tomorrow there is no school. I’ll be cleaning because it’s decided, the visitors will come here. That means a lot of hiding and pretending. Starting with replacing the one person’s bed for a two persons’ bed in my bedroom. I also have to think about the menu. I probably open a jar of red sauce and add some olives so it looks like homemade… hahahhahahhahaha. Then I only need to plan Sunday’s meal. But it’ll be something equally complicated… Unless the man wants to cook (and load the dishwasher too!).
I made a deal with my kids. If they keep the living room clean and tidy, they’ll get a video game.
I woke up this morning with the idea of writing about something and now I forgot completely. I don’t like it when that happens.

I’ll tell you one of the things why I don’t like my visitors. They go through MY stuff. That is, they open all the coverts and cabinets and look inside. They go to the bedrooms with any excuse and check inside the closets. They read all the letters they find around. It really stresses me. They will not find anything because I don’t have anything hidden. My secrets are in me. I’m thinking about writing a “FUCK YOU” note and hang it on a sweater or something… But it would be awesome if I could also hide a camera and catch the face when they read it. Last time, I caught one of them opening MY closet. You should have seen the color on her face… I just looked at her with a VERY disappointing face. I wish she had her glasses on to get every detail of it.
I caught the other one SEVERAL times listening behind the door. Again… I really enjoyed the face of embarrassment. As soon as I discovered she was like that, I started not saying a thing about anything.

My plan for the weekend is to exhaust them. I think I’m going to promise another video game to my kids if they make the visitors get extra physical activity. I’m going to pump a ball and find a frisbee. I hope that after this weekend they need a few weeks off.

One of these days I’ll go deeper with one story about listening behind the doors. Now I have to load the washing machine and clean something. I don’t want to stress much tomorrow. I really want to sit and relax. I have to show that NOTHING affects me.

Last week I found this quote…


I’m still working on the LET GO part… T told me that Mercury is on its retrograde period. It’s time for change. She said also that things from the past will come back. I need the change… And something from the past… maybe!

On the green days, Mercury is Pre-Retrograde.  On the red days, Retrograde, and Post-Retrograde on the yellow days.

On the green days, Mercury is Pre-Retrograde. On the red days, Retrograde, and Post-Retrograde on the yellow days.

Just when I was about to publish this post, I remember something!! I’m such a liar… I do have something hidden in one of the closets. Some years ago, when daughter was born, my mom came here to help me. During that period, my visitors came here too. And they brought presents for my mom and extra things for my family that my mom had to take with her. Among all the gifts, (a lot of them because they thought about almost everyone, my mom, dad, brother, sister, nephew, sister in law, grandma), there were a set of candelabra. Two ceramic roses that weighted about 4 tons each. When I saw that, I swallowed because I was about to open my mouth and make a comment but I thought at the time that I better kept that for myself.
My surprise was that as soon as they left, the man went to my mom and said: “Sometimes I wonder if they use their brains… They know that you can carry only a limited amount of weight on the plane, why did they gave you THIS?!?… Feel free to leave it behind”… And it was left behind… It’s still behind some clothes. I bet that if they had some time lurking around, they’ll find them… if they didn’t find them already!!!

I chose a cactus flower for today’s post. I imagine they are strong. They have to be. They grow and shine in very hard environments. Like me these days… I need more shining though (and I’m going to get it!).


source http://www.findyourfate.com/astrology/year2014/2014-mercury-retrograde.html

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