415 days to go


June 18th – 1 year 1 month and 20 days from today

10.14am Nothing decided, nothing solved.
Yesterday I went to pick my kids and I was coming back and a mom asked: “Are you not staying for the parents – teachers meetings?” Shit… I forgot about that completely. Then while I was waiting to talk to other teacher, the headmistress came to me and said: “Are your kids attending this school next year?” I was caught by surprise and the worse part is that she wanted my answer at that moment or at the latest early this morning. Of course I didn’t answer yesterday or today. I still didn’t hear about the school in Germany. I called another school and I have to call again in 2 hours. And I’m so nervous because I really don’t want to lose the house. I was looking for other houses and they are very small, or very expensive, or they don’t have a yard, or they are too far away from everything.
On Monday my little one took the bicycle key of my oldest son and lost it somewhere at home. While we were looking for it yesterday, I saw him swallowing something and I went to him. I found him with three batteries in his hands. I panicked. I called the man at work, he got home and we went to the hospital. We were several hours there. They took x-rays and luckily they didn’t see anything. I can’t describe how I felt the entire day because I can’t find the words. I can only say that it went from bad to worse without even picking up a bit. I got home completely exhausted at 8.30pm and I still had to prepare dinner. I think my kids went to sleep around 11pm.

Today isn’t much better. I can’t focus in anything.
I never got the chance to fold the wash but I decided that I’m going to do it this afternoon because I just broke my record. I’ll light some incense, close myself in my bedroom and fold. These are the plans, let’s see if I can manage to do something because it’s Wednesday and I should be going to school to pick my kids soon…

Two flowers today that represent strength… because right now, that’s all I need. A gladiolus and again a lotus!
The word gladiolus comes from the Latin word gladius, which means sword (the leaves resemble swords). Gladius is also the root of the word gladiator.

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