385 days to go


July 18th – 1 year and 20 days from today

7.24am I slept 6 straight hours!! Two more nights like that and I’ll be as good as new. Nobody woke up in the middle of the night needing the toilet or shouting that Pu was licking their ear. Huge progress.
When I started this project (blog), I promised I was going to write about Superman. Not the superhero.
I have a sister and a brother, both younger. My sister got married when she was 23 years old, had a baby a couple of years later and when my nephew was around two years old, her husband left her. She was alone for about 9 years until 4 years ago when she met this guy that WE DON’T LIKE AT ALL. If I start saying all the things why we don’t like him, this post will be way too long. I will name just a few.
-The guy is a parasite. He never had a job that lasted for more than one week.
-He used to spend the entire day playing video games and made my sister believe he was a genius at that, knowing all there is to know about video games. So my sister spent all her savings and opened a game store for Superman. So, the guy could go and play there and pretend he was working.
-He isolated my sister from all her friends.
-He’s a GOOD FOR NOTHING and tries to make everyone believe that he knows it all and that he can do everything better. Unfortunately, only my sister believes that. That’s why we call him Superman.
My sister works her ass off to get home and find Superman closed in their bedroom playing video games and then she has to cook and take care of the house.
My entire family tried really hard to tell her that it doesn’t work that way but from her you only hear how much he helps her and how good he is with my nephew. Yeah right, my nephew has a playing buddy.
I will not write down the conversations I had with my mom about him because in case something strange happens to Superman, this could be taken as evidence 🙂
So, a few months ago, I heard from my mom that my sister was getting tired of all the situation and that finally Superman had found a job. My mom was about to open a champagne bottle but let’s say than when the bottle was in the fridge, the doctors discover that Superman had cancer. Of course he quit his two days old job. Then the doctors removed the tumors and now he’s having some chemotherapy. I think he’s fine. And my sister now can justify that Superman is not doing much because he’s sick. My mom is out of control because when she was getting chemotherapy, she DID go to work, and cook and took care of everything. Superman only stays in their bedroom, playing video games and apparently when he loses, he shouts and kicks everything around. They already got two complains about the noise. Plus, the lady who goes to clean there is not allowed to clean the bedroom (he doesn’t allow her) and is threatening to stop going. Already one lady quit but Superman managed to make believe my sister that it was for something else. My dad new from the janitor the truth because she had said that to him, that she was scared because all the swearing and furniture kicking.
This is like a Mexican telenovela. And it doesn’t end there. When my sister in law dared to say to my sister that she should take better care of her son instead of Superman, my sister stopped talking to her. I can’t take sides and I’ll tell you why in one of my next posts.
In a few days, you’ll be wondering if I have a normal family or not :). Never mind, I’m a bit odd and if you knew me you would say… AHA! that could be why!!

I promised pictures and I thought I had pictures. I went specially to my old house to take pictures and the sun was very bright and I couldn’t see the screen of my iPod very well. I thought I had taken a few but then when I got home, I discovered I didn’t have any. Next time!

I didn’t mean to post these ones, but they are all I got :). I took those picture the day I went candy shopping. I liked what it was written but I’m not sure you can read it. That’s the wall of one of the new stores. They sell beauty products without alcohol and additives. All natural (that’s why my mom buys there perfume for Pu… Is she crazy?? Maybe 🙂
It says: “Love like the first time. Dance like if nobody is watching you. Experiment inner peace. Create harmony in your relationships. Search an objective in your life. SIMPLY BE HAPPY. (that’s our philosophy).

photo 3

And that’s my mom while paying 🙂

photo 3

And these are the side walls.
“Be happy loving without measure, living with passion and laughing vividly”

photo 5

“True happiness you find in the simplest things of life.”

photo 4

When I was about to press “Publish”, I got an email with a link.
A few days ago, I entered a writing competition and I WON!!! YAY!!! I’d like to share this with you because you are the reason why I’m still writing this blog (and I enjoy it enormously!!!). BIG THANK YOU!!
Please visit Ella’s blog to check it out: http://sickandsickofit.wordpress.com/2014/07/18/all-about-happiness-winning-piece/

~ by DotedOn on July 18, 2014.

6 Responses to “385 days to go”

  1. Congrats on your win!!!


  2. Way to go on the win!!! I know my family saw in my ex what you see in your sister’s spouse…not good…I would guess that he has something over her-instilled some fear maybe? It is hard to see when you are living in the darkness…I hope you will keep being a light and a hand to help her out when the truth hits her heart…it is a hard way to live-💜


  3. In for the win!!! Good for you. I liked the post on Elle’s blog too 🙂


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