377 days to go


July 26th – 1 year and 12 days from today

11.18am Late because it’s Saturday and everyone is around. Last night I saw my friends from school. It was very nice to see them. There was one that I hadn’t seen in 23 years. We may meet again before I leave, I hope so.
Yesterday I also played tourist in my town with two of my kids. They had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the day. I’m glad I could take several pictures. The only problem was with my oldest son because he didn’t like to stay working while his brothers were having fun. Next week he’ll come with me.

First, I’ll try to show you where I am now. That’s where I lived most of my life. The name of the neighborhood is Villa Urquiza.

th (3)

Villa Urquiza belongs to the Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (CABA).


CABA is in the province of Buenos Aires. You can see the tiny dark dot (I added the yellow arrow to help you see it).


Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina (South America)


Our trip yesterday was to another neighborhood in Caba called Belgrano. That’s where I was born. The distance between where I’m now and where we went yesterday is 4.5km/2.8mi. Very close.
Belgrano is an older neighborhood and there are still some colonial buildings. There is also a museum (Contemporary Spanish Art) that I wanted to visit but my kids were tired and starving. Maybe next week.

photo 1

We spend a lot of time in that park because I have nice memories and wanted to share them with my kids. I discovered a lot of things that I had never seen before. For example, this ombú tree. I wanted to see how old it was but we couldn’t find any sign around. I’m not sure if you can see how big it is in this picture… I forgot my dollar bill at home 🙂

photo 2(1)

Ombú: (Phytolacca dioica) Is a massive evergreen tree native to the Pampa of South America. It has an umbrella-like canopy that spreads to a girth of 12 to 15 meters (40 to 50 feet) and can attain a height of 12 to 18 meters (40 to 60 feet). Because it is derived from herbaceous ancestors, its trunk consists of anomalous secondary thickening rather than true wood. As a result, the ombú grows fast but its wood is soft and spongy enough to be cut with a knife. These properties have led it to be used in the art of bonsai, as it is easily manipulated to create the desired effect. Since the sap is poisonous, the ombú is not grazed by cattle and is immune to locusts and other pests. For similar reasons, the leaves are sometimes used as a laxative or purgative. It is a symbol of Uruguay and Argentina, and of Gaucho culture, as its canopy is quite distinguishable from afar and provides comfort and shelter from sun and rain.

Take a look at a branch! I love those trees, there are not many left in the city.

photo 3

I couldn’t take a better picture of it because it was very dark under the tree and if I walked further, I couldn’t see the tree because it’s on top of the park. I’m not sure you can see what I mean on this picture.


12.30pm and almost lunch time. I’ll post more pictures the next days.

source: wikipedia.org

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6 Responses to “377 days to go”

  1. What an awesome tour! It’s so great you get to take your children back to where you grew up. Will you get to stay there a while? Oh I have a question. I may not have read it before, but what are the numbers, the “countdown” to? Thank you for today’s photos and I’m so glad you’re feeling better!


    • Hi Mandy, I’m staying 2.5 more weeks at my parents place. After many years unhappy where I live, I decided to set a deadline and move away. We agreed with the father of my kids that we were going to live relatively close to each other after we separated. The original plan was to move to the States, but I guess that the man saw me too enthusiastic and aborted the plan. One day he said he was moving out and I could keep the house. Two weeks later he changed plans (again) and kicked me out. He said I could go to another country and that way I could kill two birds with a stone. I saw a chance to get out of the house and the country so I took that chance. I’m glad it’ll happen almost one year before I set the deadline. I can’t imagine another week under the same roof with him.
      I’m glad you liked the pictures, I had a great time taking them 🙂


  2. Thanks for the tour of your home….and glad you’re better.


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