376 days to go


July 27th – 1 year and 11 days from today

11.24am Again very late. I’m really sleepy today. I stayed chatting till very late (or very early (6.15am)) and woke up at 9.15am. I won’t complain because it was my choice. I also had to wake in the middle of my sleep to get my little one water. Probably I look like crap now, I will avoid mirrors today.
Yesterday we were supposed to go out but we decided to stay at home and didn’t give my mom a break, so I guess we’ll have to do it today. My brother invited us to have tea at his place. I think that he lives on a 23th floor. I may go only to see if I can see the river from there. I don’t like heights.

I still have a few pictures from the park. All my memories from when I went to the park, include the pergola. I have no idea what was the used of it but I was very glad to see it in quite good condition. Vandalism in this town is very common. It breaks my heart.

photo 4

I remember watching brides and grooms taking pictures there a few times. And people dancing but I don’t remember why.

photo 5

The park is divided in 3.


Between the first two parts there is a fountain working as roundabout. I have to admit that I had never seen that fountain before. I loved it.

photo 1(1)

This other fountain was on the first and lowest part of the park and opposite to the ombú tree. The sculpture is made of polished black marble and it’s amazing the amount of details that it has. I’m sorry that the buildings across the street were blocking the sun and you can’t see how beautiful it is.

photo 5(1)

The middle part of the park has like a terrace on the highest part. I took a picture of the two workers sleeping on the benches. Homer Simpson would be SO proud of them.

photo 3(1)

Can you see the sleeping beauties there? “Mom, are those workers sleeping?” I had to shush my kids because they are used to talk freely without being understood and they forget that here everyone speaks their language.

photo 2(2)

The last part of the park has a little playground. With swings. I couldn’t resist the temptation of going on the swings so I did, but just when I wanted to ask my kid to take a picture, I started feeling sea sick and had to stop. (It’s the age!!).
From the distance I saw a sign saying that in 1836 the Franciscan priests had build a church exactly where I was standing. So sad the church wasn’t there anymore. But from there, I saw something that I knew it was in a park in Buenos Aires but nobody could tell me where it was. Many years ago, I read that there was a replica of the Statue of Liberty somewhere and I was thrilled I had find it without even looking for it.


Probably it’s 3m/10ft high and in a good condition. So happy I found it!


My kingdom for that blue sky!!!

~ by DotedOn on July 27, 2014.

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  1. Love Miss Liberty!


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