375 days to go


July 28th – 1 year and 10 days from today

2.37pm What can I say? I’m out of focus today. Not sad or tired or strange or disappointed. Just out of focus. I slept very bad and not enough. My little one is really testing my patience.
I wanted to write a couple of hours earlier but I laid down and fell asleep. I had a 15 minutes nap. I feel a bit better.
I had a great Sunday. Almost every Sunday, my parents eat out. Yesterday we went to a nice restaurant together with my kids and my grandmother.
I should be posting some Chinatown pictures but instead, I’ll show you what I ate for lunch (and tell you also it was A LOT).
I always try to eat something different when I eat out, but for some reason, I end up almost always ordering the same food. I went crazy yesterday and instead of ordering plain (or egg) pasta, I chose the spinach kind!
The name of the dish was: Homemade spinach ribbons with cream of mushrooms. Delicious!

photo 4(3)

I was so full that I couldn’t have dessert. Next time I think I’ll have a salad and eat some huge ice-cream and fruit cup. Or chocolate, nuts and dulce de leche. Or a pancake. Or flan. Or all of the above.

My grandma ate “Bife de Chorizo”. My country is famous for that. I never ate it, ever. Not even before being vegetarian. I never liked meat. And that looks like half cow.

photo 3(3)

Later, we went to my brother’s house to have tea (and pastry and cake and cookies). He lives in another neighborhood called Caballito (it means little horse… I wonder who was the creative that came up with that name). I was glad I didn’t eat dessert earlier. I can’t believe how much I missed the local flavors!
I should have taken the picture a bit earlier when the plates were full. You can see there “facturas” (different kind of pastry), coconut and dulce de leche cake, pasta frola, oat and chocolate cookies…

photo 2(3)

I could see the river from the 23rd floor! I’m sorry you can’t see it clearly on the pictures.

photo 1(2)

While drinking the tea, we could enjoy the sunset.

photo 3(2)

photo 2(4)

photo 5(2)

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. I used the iPod to take the pictures because then I can mail them to myself, download them and post them. If I use the camera, it’s an odyssey to get them on the computer. I still have Croatia’s pictures in it! I should see if I can download them on my mom’s laptop, maybe I it has a card reader.

I love how the city looks when it’s almost dark.

photo 1(3)

In about one hour, we are off to a birthday party. I’ll see some uncles, aunts and cousins. Time is going really fast. It’s already two weeks that I’m here. Next week I’ll start feeling miserable because I hate to go back. And my kids hate to go back even more. At least this time I have something nice to look forward to πŸ™‚

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One Response to “375 days to go”

  1. That pasta mushroom dish looks delicious! I am not a meat eater either πŸ™‚


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