354 days to go


August 18th – 354 days from today

8.46am I’m awake since 6.00am. Why?!? I have an idea. My three youngest kids spent the night here with me. I had to share my inflatable bed with two of them. I guess I was kicked and that’s why I woke up. I tried for a long time to sleep again but I didn’t succeeded. I watched how the clouds passed my window, it’s very windy.

Yesterday we celebrated my girls birthday. I asked the man to get her a cake. Here everything is closed on Sundays. When he got to the supermarket, he couldn’t find a cake so he got two half cakes. We don’t have those in my country. We have big cakes or small cakes. Half cake!! I still get surprised.
And of course… She wanted to blow the candles. I know I have candles, but where?? So that’s what I improvised. Tealight candles. Of course she loved it! Kids perceive differently (thank goodness!!). (Young kids, because my oldest son made a comment about the cake and I had to pinch his arm).

photo 1 (4)

Before the cake, we went to have dinner to a nice place in Nordhorn. I didn’t take any pictures, I guess I was distracted. Here is how one little piece of the town looks like.

photo 2 (4)

I have big expectations for today. The “TO DO” list is long and I don’t have much time. And my youngest kids are here and it’s going to rain soon. Well, who said life was easy??

Lifting my ass and preparing breakfast for my kids (read: give them a piece of leftover cake). The excuse today… I don’t have a stove 🙂

~ by DotedOn on August 18, 2014.

2 Responses to “354 days to go”

  1. An improvised cake may be a lasting and fond memory. You just never know with the little ones…


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