351 days to go


August 21st – 351 days from today

11.13am I’m exhausted today. Probably there are three eyelashes that don’t hurt, but I’m not sure. Remember I said there was sand coming to fill the pond? Well, yesterday when I was peacefully enjoying my tea, I heard a noise and went to check, I opened the door and I saw a man with a tractor and a mountain of sand. I think I suffered a little stroke. In that moment, I didn’t know if I had to thank him or tell him to go f&*k himself. Mixed feelings.

photo (5)

Five minutes later, the owner of the house came. He said: “He misunderstood me, he should have put the tractor on the side and then we could slide the sand in the pond”. Too late.
It took 6 hours to move the sand to the pond. The distance we had to walk was around 80m/90yd, with a wheelbarrow, under the rain. All my plans for the day had to change.

photo 1 (7)

photo 2 (7)

I forgot to mention, more sand is coming because we could fill only 2/3 of the pond. It sucks.
Everything is going slow. I wanted to paint the cabinets yesterday. I watched the videos. I need to sand them and use paint primer.
I managed to paint only the insides yesterday at 8.00pm. Once it dries I can put some stuff in them. That will be tomorrow I guess. It’s not raining today but that could change soon.

After two days of instant noodles, I cooked spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs. I got those Chinese noodles that you only need to soak for 4 minutes in a covered pan. (AKA instant noodles but with the sauce and meatballs they looked very sophisticated and my kids were happy). I still only have a water boiler. I need to buy the oven. The stove is here but it doesn’t fit in the counter so it’s laying on top. Another unfinished thing.

photo 3 (5)

photo (7)

I decided I’m not going to ask the man to remove the lamps in the kitchen so I can paint the ceiling. I’ll try to do it myself. If I succeed, I’ll go to the store, get the paint and a saw. I’ll make the stove fit in the hole even if it’s the last thing I do. And then I’ll start painting the kitchen.
My vintage lamp looks like this. It doesn’t give any light because the glass is very thick.

photo (6)

This sounds like a negative post. I find obstacles everywhere but I’m actually happy. I know it doesn’t look like it, but I am. Aiming to be happier.


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