350 days to go


August 22nd – 350 days from today

8.41am Having breakfast alone. My kids are still here. The man decided not to take them because he had a lot to do. I didn’t say anything because I made him work yesterday. He removed the kitchen lamps, the lamp in my bedroom and the old fridge. He said he’ll come back later today and have the kids for the weekend. Another slow day then. I can’t do much with them around. It seems that they are the whole day hungry or thirsty or need a diaper change. I start a task and I have to interrupt it 30 times.
Yesterday I said to my oldest boy: “You won’t do anything until the wallpaper is gone from this and this wall”. I can dream, can I? There are things that we all can do and things that I’m the only one able to do. I just want that they help me with the easy tasks. It saves me a lot of time! (And makes me forget that I need a man!).

I’m so happy I could put the stove in its place! It took me a lot of time but I could do it. Without help! When the man saw it he said: “You could have asked me to borrow the electric saw”. But I already knew all the possible answers:
1) I don’t know where it is
2) I’m working now, I’ll look for it later (when??)
3) I’m not sure you could do it, you’ll mess it up
4) Let me do it as soon as I have some time (when??)
5) The blade is not straight and it’ll be difficult
I could go on and on…

This is how it looks like. Maybe I’ll cook today.

photo 1 (8)

Before leaving last week, my sister gave me an extension of her credit card. My mom said: “Buy whatever you need. I don’t want you or my grandkids to miss anything and I DON’T WANT YOU TO ASK THE MAN FOR ANYTHING”. So, I did what momma said and I bought a new fridge and a water boiler.
The old fridge is tiny and very noisy and it may cost per year more than what I paid the new one. And I needed the water boiler, otherwise how I’m going to prepare my instant noodles??

This is the super cool thing I bought. It has light inside!! And more important, it makes me happy.

photo 2 (8)

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