349 days to go


August 23rd – 349 days from today

9.36am Drinking my tea and wondering if it’s possible that I woke up suffering of partial amnesia. I can’t remember what I did yesterday. Maybe I didn’t do anything. I only remember starting something and leaving it half way done to start something else.
And when at 9.30pm I decided to remove the rest of the wallpaper from my bedroom, I got a call from my friend saying she was dropping by.
We stayed talking for 2 hours. OMG she going through hell. I wish I could help her more. Her husband is an ASS, making the man look like an insignificant snot. Stupid asshole making the rest of the people believe he’s such a nice man but he’s tormenting my friend for every word said and every move made. Argggghh. I had written a full paragraph about the parasite husband but I deleted it because when I started re-reading to correct it I got a bit restless. And that’s not how I’m supposed to feel today. Kids are with daddy, I should be resting and hard working.

We added more sand to the pond. This time, the sand was on the parcel next door (five times further away than the other mountain of sand in front of the house). I’ll take pictures later to show you the distance).
I couldn’t paint but I started sanding one (yes one) cabinet door. I took upstairs one bed and 4 bookcases (I use them as closets for the kids. We always had space problems and there I could “fold” the clothes and then I could see where they were without having to move anything. And that’s a BIG lie because my “folding” sometimes consists in “rolling” and then you actually need to unroll to see if something was left between).


Sorry, I can’t pretend, I’m messy. I rather use the time it takes me to perfectly fold a t-shirt, doing something that I love (and live with the wrinkles). So, Prince Charming should come with and iron.

I prepared instant noodles with tomato sauce and sausages even though I have the stove working. Last year, my son won a little oven in a raffle. I HATED that little oven because it took half shelf of my groceries cupboard and 30 minutes to toast a piece of bread. But this week, I learned to love it (specially because I assigned my older son to be the “Little Oven Administrator” so I don’t have to check in there every 3 minutes and can do something else. Like boiling the water for the noodles… Sorry, I’m laughing. I sound like a lazy cow 🙂
This is the little oven that’s on a chair right now because the kitchen is being remodeled…

photo 3 (6)

So, last night to celebrate something (difficult to say what because nothing is 100% finished), I had a bath in my new bathtub. I spent half an hour throwing bleach on it and scrubbing till I felt I could go in there without feeling grossed out.
I lit again the candles of my daughter’s birthday cake, an incense, put some background nature sounds, added some of the 15 shower gel/bubble bath soap I kept getting over the years, even when EVERYBODY knows I that I don’t use shower gel and I didn’t have a bathtub (till now). And I only have 15 because I gave them away (no, I didn’t recycle the presents, I just said: “I got ANOTHER one of this, would you like to have it?”. I only forgot the apple cider… How could I??
But, I took pictures!!

photo 1 (9)

photo (8)

Now I’ll eat some cherries from the sour cherry jam pot and feel even happier.

photo (9)

I wish I could share them with you.


~ by DotedOn on August 23, 2014.

10 Responses to “349 days to go”

  1. Finally some happiness is starting to surface, after all those dark times. I am SO happy for you, my dear friend! And it will get even better!!


  2. Aww, you’re working your tail off so enjoy those cherries! (do you know how many times I wish I’d wake up with amnesia? Lol.) You’re going to have a beautiful place to enjoy when you’re finished 🙂


    • Thank you Mandy! I can’t wait to finish! It goes so slow. And to get someone to help it’s way too expensive!
      Stupid tiny town, I can’t flirt with anyone to get any favor because there is an age gap from 22 to 60… So sad! 😀


      • Lol. Yes, stupid little town. How close is the next town 🙂


      • A couple of miles. I should try there 🙂 I hope it gets a bit warmer then so I can show some flesh… Even the weather is working against me!! I can’t get anything done this way 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Twin,
    There is nothing wrong with rolling the clothes, keeps them less wrinkled. I wouldn’t call you lazy but heavy ass fits. HAHA Why the need for more sand, unless you leave the baby near by who is going to drown in 1″ of water? There goes out tranquility pond. You’ll have to blow the photo up huge and we can drink and look at the photo. It nice and not nice when someone makes your problems look less. Did you remember what you did yesterday? How can we keep the vomit stories going if you forget them? I’ll start with the Land Rover, I was at a red light when I covered the dashboard and console. I tried to get to grocery store parking lot before I blew again. That didn’t happen, as I was pulling in I vomited all over the passenger side seat. To top this wonderful day off, I when outside just before dark to start cleaning truck. I did all that was possible. The smell of vomit hopefully will fade or the car wash can get out. No, that didn’t happen. I turn to go in house and realize I don’t have a key or coded garage. I lived in a new neighborhood and had only met one neighbor. I have vomit on my tee shirt and shorts, its dark and I’m looking a light on to call a locksmith. No fancy phones then. The lady across the street was home, I stand totally humiliated asking to come in for a phone book. Luckily she had more trust then me in people. The locksmith was on way, be here in 45 minutes. I could not believe this lady probably didn’t even realize what perfume I had on. That was a long day. I sold the Land Rover shortly after. Not as good as the one with you on the boat but worth telling. I look forward to your next vomit story. To hell with what the neighbors think, we’re having a blast!!!!! Hugs. 🙂


    • Hi Twin, I’m laughing at the new Land Rover’s owner now 🙂
      No, I don’t remember much… Probably nothing interesting happened. The best part of the day was the two hours in the bathtub. I almost fell asleep and drown my ipod (if that happens, suicide comes next :)).
      Here it goes the vomit story.
      The man was invited to a party in Germany (like 30 miles away from where I used to live). He used to take turns with a friend so one of them could drink and the other one had to drive. That time, it was the man’s turn to drink. They got to the party and there were only the birthday guy, another guy and them. The host expected at least 25 persons but for some reason, nobody showed up. But he did buy food and drinks for 25 (German and Dutch, so probably it’d be like for 40 persons of other nationalities).
      So they started to eat. Imagine all kind of sausages and smoked sausages than a stomach can fit. Then add all the drinks that the host gave them (only 3 drinking). The host likes mixes. The man recalled some Red Bull with vodka and things with orange juice and coconut. A few hours later, the designated driver got tired and decided to get back home. The man had to go too. While they were in the car, the man started to feel SICK. He said: “Please, stop the car, I need to throw up” “No way I’m stopping, open the window and throw up outside” “OK”. So the man opened the window and started throwing up, but with the speed, the vomit got back in the car and went straight to the back seat. Imagine that he emptied his fully loaded stomach there. When he got home, he was feeling a bit better. He came to me to say he was back and told me: “You can’t imagine the Picasso I left on Remko’s back seat”. (he had to sell the car too, the smell of vomited smoked sausage never went away).


      • My Twin,

        That’s a good one! I learned that lesson only the vomit came right back in my face. Vomit on your face is at the top of the dislike list!!!!! That’s scary you only remember the bath. Were the kids with the man? Maybe you slept, trying to catch up on a few hours. What have you done today? My day has consisted on laundry and sitting right here. I’m so tired I’m thinking abut blowing off dinner and hitting the sack. Hugs.


      • I forgot to do laundry. I will hate my Sunday. I painted 3 shelves and finished taking the wallpaper of one wall. I have to fill some holes and then it’s ready to be painted. I never had my own vomit on my face, but once someone vomited on my shoe. And my kids vomited all over me, face included. I think that my shoulders smelled like vomit from every birth until they were around 8 months old. No wonder my relationship didn’t last. (Thank you vomit!).
        I’m in bed since 9.30pm (3 hours ago), watching kitchen makeovers, before and after to see if I get inspired. I don’t… I have something in mind but it’ll take weeks to complete, I hope the elves help me tonight 🙂


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