348 days to go


August 24th – 348 days from today

11.46am 11.57am. Almost noon. I slept really bad and the man woke me up with a video call. I’m already hating my Sunday. I could do a lot yesterday, or that’s what I thought. I finished taking off the wallpaper in my bedroom and painted 3 shelves. And I cleaned a bit. This morning the man asked: “What did you do yesterday?” I told him. He said:”Only that???” Fuck you! and it wasn’t all, he added: “You are not efficient” Double fuck you. I didn’t show how mad I was at him, but I can assure you, this one comes with a revenge. His house now is EMPTY. All the furniture is here. He told me he got a sofa from someone. At least my kids can sit. Anyway, I want to see him painting and fixing (he never did it before). And when it’s December and he’s still with only one sofa, I’ll say: “You are very efficient too, I love what you did in your living room”.
Before coming downstairs, I started taking the wallpaper of the other bedroom. It seems to be going a lot faster, only 3 layers to remove instead of 5.

We have 3 birdhouses on the backyard. One is a few steps away from the house, the other ones are on the trees. On Friday, I asked my kids to put some breadcrumbs in there and see what kind of birds go to eat (not that I would recognize any (maybe 3 or 4, but I don’t think I’ll see any toucans, eagles or flamingos here)). So I was paying attention because I promised I was going to take a picture if I saw birds eating. Finally I saw one but the sneaky bird was on the roof and then on the grass and I guess it waited for me to get tired and leave to enter the house because it refused to do it while I was watching. This is the best I could do.

photo (10)

Is that a dove or a pigeon? Both of them mean paloma in Spanish. I can’t tell the difference.

Plans for the day: Laundry, finish taking the wallpaper, find pliers (I know I have from a jewelry set, but where??, I can’t use my fingers to take the nails from the walls, I already destroyed my knuckles when I missed the wallpaper and my hand went against the wall. The entire day was like: scratch scratch scratch oh shit scratch you son of a bitch scratch scratch. I’ll have to invest in a pair of gloves). Fill some holes on the wall. Finish the bathroom curtain because I don’t want Helmuth looking at my boobs when I shower. I met him 2 days ago. The owner of the house said: “He looks much younger of what he is”… And he looked 75… So I’m not sure what he could do if he sees my boobs but for safety reasons, I’ll cover the window.
I have to take some pictures too. The distance from the sand to the pond. And some “before” pictures.

I just discovered who rang the bell last night when I was showering. I ordered a lawn mower and apparently it was a late delivery (9.30pm on a Saturday!?!). Just now I got it from my neighbor (I didn’t understand his name).
Lifting my heavy ass now.

~ by DotedOn on August 24, 2014.

One Response to “348 days to go”

  1. Next time he asks you “what did you do yesterday”?, you must answer: “Oh! so MANY things that I can´t even start telling you… What did YOU do, anyway? did you learn to clean poo?”
    We should talk…


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