00:01.4 (Counter on)


Still deciding my next project. And this could take a while.
If you wonder what the 4 after 00:01 on the counter is, I’ll try to give a short explanation of it. A day has 24 hours but the milliseconds of a timer go from 0 to 9. So, following my logic it goes like this (hehehhehhehe)

0 goes from midnight till 2.40am
1 goes from 2.40am till 5.20am
2 goes from 5.20am till 7.00am
3 goes from 7.00am till 9.20am
4 goes from 9.20am till noon
5 goes from noon till 2.40pm
6 goes from 2.40pm till 5.20pm
7 goes from 5.20pm till 7.00pm
8 goes from 7.00pm till 9.20pm
9 goes from 9.20pm till midnight

Now it’s 10.07am.
Yesterday I’ve been stood up by the man who was supposed to fix the pipes around the roof. I told the owner of the house that he hadn’t came and that I discovered that one wall of the bedrooms was wet and that I wasn’t going to paint until it was fixed. He said that the chimney will be fixed soon and that the pipes’ man was going to be here today. And he’s not here yet. And I’m very close to lose my patience.
I have a very slow morning anyway. My kids left very early this morning to go to Italy. The man was supposed to tell me that they arrived well to the airport (3 hours drive), but he didn’t. I just saw that their plane landed. My worry now is if they got to the plane or not. Freaking man. He was here yesterday to bring me more stuff and pick up the kids. He’s being very helpful (or he just wants to get rid of the clutter). In any case, I don’t have to worry about my stuff getting here, he’s taking good care of it.
The “Find a Bra” experience goes to everything else now. I found a plate.

photo 1 (13)

And when he was thirsty last night and asked me for a glass, I pointed him on that direction (you should follow my finger now) and said: “Take a plastic cup from there”

photo 3 (9)

This is exactly what I meant when I said “there”

photo 2 (13)

So his reaction was: “When are you going to live like a normal person?” That one almost made me choke. For sooooo many reasons! He knows I’m not what you can call “normal”. I’m a bit odd, but I guess that after reading all the shit I wrote, you know it already.

Plans for the day: No idea. I have to go again to the city hall in the afternoon and I should go to the kindergarten to enroll my younger kids before noon.
I just saw that from tomorrow and until Monday it’ll rain. So I guess I’ll be wearing my boots and gloves and working on my pond. I have to take some stones from the garage roof and make a nice looking pond. It’s all about priorities.

photo 4 (5)

Yes, no mistake there. Stones from the garage roof. I’ll take a picture of it later.
I just got a phone call. They landed safely in Italy.


~ by DotedOn on August 28, 2014.

10 Responses to “00:01.4 (Counter on)”

  1. Enjoy your free time….decorate and relax, a little! And now you can meditate…: )


  2. Funny, in all of your posts I’ve read, I’ve never once thought of you as “odd.” Does that make me odd, too? Lol.


  3. Hi Twin,
    You crazy woman you! I’m glad to hear your working on the pond. Priorities are in the right place. Felling a bit better, not up to sharing any vomit stories but you can throw one my way if you wish. I would say, as I told my husband last night, you’re working your heavy ass off!!!!!!!! Like the matching gloves and boots! No need for those here, it’s been over 100 degrees since I can’t remember. This is summer in Texas. No mudslides or flooding here, bone dry. Don’t forget to check out Throw Back Thursday, some great music to get your grove on. Talk to you soon.
    Hugs 🙂


    • Hi Twin!
      I’m glad you are feeling a bit better (that’s a lot more than not better at all!).
      I checked out Throw Back Thursday, Champion!!
      Summer in Texas is HOT! Here it could be ok or very wet. We have a quite wet one (but it could be worse!!).
      The pond is 10% done. Tomorrow I’ll do some more as reward if I get the kitchen painted 🙂
      Vomit story now. I have a friend back in Argentina who feels sick and vomits very often. She is the kind of person who actually feels great after vomiting (no clue how that’s even possible!). So we were on holidays (my friend, my sister and I (or me??)), and we went to eat at a restaurant. She asked for some food and while she was eating it, she said: “I don’t think my stomach agrees with it”. But she kept on eating it (I think it was pasta with some seafood). While we were having dessert, she said: “I SO need to throw up!”, so she run to the bathroom. After 3 minutes, she came back all smiley and ready to finish dessert. I looked at my sister and we couldn’t believe that was happening. Half an hour later, we went dancing and she met the guy she was dating back then and when my sister and I saw them kissing, we gagged. At least have a chewing gum first!!!! Now you should see my face, remembering and gagging again!!


      • That is great!!!!! Let’s kiss after vomiting. I would gag and I don’t what you think to her. I feel better already, not after vomiting though. Wish I were there supervise the work and keep contractors in line. I’m good at cracking the whip. I could also get some photos of birds. That’s one of my past times to home. I have a bird area outside my kitchen window including a bird bath. Several years ago a Red Tail Hawk, common in this area, starting visiting the bath everyday. He has continued to come and this year the whole family are regulars. Mama, two young ones and dad which I named Hawkie. I’m so original on the name. He is huge and loves to bath, flapping and dancing around in the water. I’ve had the chance to watch him stare down a group of crows and scare the shit out the squirrels. I want one of the outdoor motion cameras to get photos of but have not researched what to buy. Most are for night time so hunters know what’s coming in the area. What lovely color are painting the kitchen, flamingo orange. You could make it the colors of your birth place. That would brighten up the drab weather. Why don’t you send me some photos of the pond and see if I can Photoshop them up. Hugs. Talk to you soon.


      • First, you make me spit my tea when you said you were so original choosing Hawkie’s name. Then you made me laugh very loud with the idea of Photoshopping the pond. Tomorrow I’ll post some “work in progress” pictures of it :).
        I’d love to see Hawkie and family! This morning, I could take a picture of one tiny bird eating in the bird house!! (I love the small things that make me happy!!).
        I guess I could hire you to supervise here… I’m a softie, I’ll take ages to get everything done!
        The kitchen (and everything else) will be white (kid’s friendly!!) I wanted apple green but I guess I’ll wait to do it.
        More hugs!


  4. I’ve only just started following you, but, your hilarious, not odd at all! I loved your counter for time. Great and I am glad your kids got to italy ok! Its one country I’ve never visited. I’d like to some day. XX


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