I’m very sleepy today. I have plans to do a lot of things but not much will to do any of them.
Yesterday around 2.00pm the men came to fix the pipes around the roof. I didn’t think they were coming, I’m glad they did, one less thing to do.
I enrolled my kids in kindergarten but I’m not sure when they can start. In the afternoon my friend helped me with more paper work. Hopefully on Monday we’ll have (almost) everything done.
I spent two hours trying to make the bottom of the pond even and placing stones (one by one) until I was happy with the result. I couldn’t finish working on the bottom because as soon as I moved the sand, the water turned brown and I couldn’t see anymore. Taking the stones from the roof is not easy either. My ladder is not really high and I don’t have anything to collect them. So again, one by one.

photo 2 (14)

That’s the garare roof. It needs to be repaired (when? No idea…).
And this is how my pond looks after I put 2 buckets of stones… I guess I’ll need around 40.

photo (14)

This is how it looked 2 weeks ago. (And I want to cry every time I remember how beautiful it was).

photo 1 (2)

And 2 days ago.

photo 2 (7)

I’ll get it done… Priorities.

I also caught one bird eating yesterday!! And this morning 2!

photo 3 (10)

photo (13)

photo (12)

A couple of months ago, I promised to take a picture that represented freedom. Inspired by “Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women”, here it’s my picture without a veil… (I never had to wear one, and I hope that one day all women could choose if they want to wear one or not). Taken the day I landed in Cowshitland, August 14th.

photo 1 (14)

It’s Friday and I should be in love!! It’s not the case now, that sucks. Luckily it’s only 10.17am and everything could change.
Lifting my heavy ass now, a lot to do!

~ by DotedOn on August 29, 2014.

13 Responses to “00:02.4”

  1. Hi Twin,
    We really could be twins if we turned sideways! Your boobs may be bigger than mine. No problem, less back pain for me. I love the photo and what it represents. The pond will get there, go easy on yourself. Less quilt that way. With all the spare time you have, HAHA, look on the internet and see what type of birds are in the area and see what type of food they eat. When you have time you can buy the different foods and attract more birds. One things birds like is having a feeder near a tree or bushes. In the open they fear other birds and may not stay long. I’ll have to check out the Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women. Maybe I’ll take a photo. I can wear my hiking books and dress like you, we would be twins. Ok, vomit story. I love scallops yet am allergic to them. Food posion type of reaction. My ex took me to Morton’s of Chicago, one of my favs in the area, for Valentines. We have a wonderful meal, excellent wine and chocolate soufflรฉ for desert. We’re both dresses very nicely. He ordered scallops, they looked delicious. I thought just a tiny taste couldn’t cause a problem. We on the freeway doing around 70-80 miles an hour when the feeling hits. There is no time to pull over, I’m rolling the window down while I vomit all over the passenger floorboard. Not attractive, least to say no sex on that night. Good thing we were married and not dating. He got to see my vomit many times in 13 years. I was drinking then and I was a balls to the wall kind of drinker. Your vomit story is up next.
    Take care and give yourself a break while the kids are gone. Buy something special to eat or drink, get lavender oil for your bath maybe even some nice body oil or lotion. You deserve it, you’ve worked your heavy ass off. Hugs. Yes, I’m feeling better.


    • I’m SO glad you are feeling better!! I just got from a friend a guide of birds from this area. I’ll try to translate it and see what they like (I assume I could identify at least one!).
      We are definitely twins, those that come from 2 different eggs, that’s why I get the back pain and you don’t!! Nice vomit story ๐Ÿ™‚ You LOVE cars!!
      I got a lot of something nice to eat and I also ate it… I may be leading the next vomit story… Till then, here it goes another one. Same vomiter/kisser friend went out with us (my sister, another friend and me). It was summer and we were having a good time somewhere. The vomiter was drinking WAY too much and mostly she never did (none of us actually drank much). When it was time to go home, she said she was feeling sick so I said: “Put your fingers in your throat and vomit now please because if you do it in the car my dad will be PISSED” . She said she couldn’t vomit and that she was feeling fine and didn’t think she was going to vomit after all. Moments later she said: “I’m going to throw up”, So my sister who was driving said: “Hold it one second, I’ll park there” and in the same moment I was saying: “Do not throw up in the car, WAIT!” So she had the brilliant idea to open the window, put the head out and vomit… I think I got a bit out of control because it was like 6.30am and the sun was going to cook the vomit on the side of the car and after a few hours we were going to need hammer and chisel to remove the pieces and my dad was going to be PISSED anyway. So I said to my sister: “Don’t you dare to drive her to her house, let’s go home first, I’ll make her clean”. So we got home (I was 24 then and we still lived with our parents ๐Ÿ™‚ ), I entered the house trying not to make any noise, got a bucket, water, soap and a sponge and let my vomiter friend clean it while it was fresh… I know, I suck as a friend… But if I didn’t do it that way, I was going to be the one cleaning other people’s vomit!!
      I got some lavender bubble soap and candles :)… I hope I don’t drown… I’m exhausted and some alcohol is coming next ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Coming from different eggs is better than coming out with two heads! Didn’t you know alcohol will make you float, your in good shape for a bath. What time is it there? Six hours ahead? Yes, me, cars and vomit were a common occurrence. Since I’ve stopped drink, muck less. Can’t say I miss it. I have experienced a great deal of nausea over the past five years. I keep a towel by the bed. There were times while eating dinner I would run upstairs knowing I wouldn’t make it. I would enjoy the lovely gagging but no vomit. In those cases I did go back to eat. Most of the time the smell of food added to the nausea. You would think I was pregnant, good thing I didn’t have to worry about that. You have enough kids for both of us. Next time I’ll try to remember and share one of my limo stories. Talk to you soon. Hugs.


      • Before I forget, I have a great vomit story. Of course it’s me as vomiter. My ex,me, my brother and his girlfriend were eating at a regular place for us. It was more bar than restaurant. I can’t remember what I was drinking but it wasn’t beer. I had way to many of and ate my dinner no problem. Shortly afterwords I ran to bathroom but didn’t vomit. I’m thinking great. I get back to table, sit down and throw up all over the floor. It wasn’t the first time I threw up there so the manager told my husband to not bring me back again. I haven’t ever been banned from a restaurant. I’m glad it was my brother. Lucky for them the floors were concrete. :0


      • Hi Twin!
        You make me laugh! ๐Ÿ™‚
        I’m 7 hours ahead. 3.26am right now. I was falling asleep and I heard something walking on the roof (or attic). I hope it was a bird.
        I can’t remember a vomit story right now because there was not much of story. My oldest son has the record for making dirty the most square feet of surface with vomit. His specialty: vomiting from the bunk bed to the curtains, wall, radiator and carpet… It makes me wonder every time how that’s even possible. One would think that vomit goes on one direction, but with this boy, vomit turns around. When he says: “I’m not feeling well” I give him a bucket and say: “this is your Vomitero, USE IT”!!
        Hugs twin!


      • Hi Twin!
        I spent 10 minutes running down all the possibilities you could have heard at that hour. Then it was gone. Birds don’t get out at night. You are probably looking at squirrels, rats or possum. Squirrels eat the wiring in the attic, possum mouth and teeth are enough full of germs to kill you and rats, well rats. They carry rabies, love bread crumbs, bird feeders, compost and trash bins. Possums would require a pest control, they are mean as shit and have very sharp teeth.To prevent squirrels and rats you’ll need to patch every hole in the house to keep out. It’s near impossible to see every hole inside or outside of house. Rats can get thru the smallest spaces. A pest control or a suit of armorer for the house is needed. Time for land lady to schedule pest control. They can look to see which one is the culprit. Now that I have your attention how about another man vomit story. I believe men intentionally do not try to contain the one way stream of vomit. We had one bathroom in house and it was tiny. My grandfather got sick from chili, he must have been turning around doing 360 degrees, everything in the bathroom was covered with chili. Not just chili but chili vomit. All the way up the walls, on the vanity, everywhere. I was so glad I didn’t have to clean up that one. I guess the old folks have seen so much it’s no big deal to them. My grandmother walked in, said are you thru and went to cleaning without gloves. I would have gagged. So its possible all men have 360 degree vomit. I laughed my ass off about your son. I can picture it in my mind projecting from top bunk bed. You know people who read our conversations are going to think we are the craziest people ever. That would be true!!!!! Hugs Twin. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your Vomitero! I don’t know your name of fake name. Make up something if you need to. I have been telling my husband the lady in Germany. I’m Melinda.


      • I think it was a bird on the roof since the noise stopped after a couple of minutes… no steps going anywhere. (I have “Rats in the Attic” experience… I’m not sure you read that post… I’ll look for it later).
        I loved the chili tiles themed bathroom!! And I guess it’s proven than men swirl when they vomit :))) That would explain the Picasso too!!.
        Vomit Story: I don’t know how or why but EVERY Christmas’ holidays my kids get a kind of stomach flu. Two winters ago my second son got it just before Christmas, he passed the virus to my daughter, then it went to my third son and around New Year it was my oldest son turn to get it (image all those days the Vomitero forming part of the living room decoration). My dear friend Pia was also living in Cowshitland at the time and going back to Argentina on 01/02. I had invited her to spend Dec 31st with us. I was cooking for 2 days (sushi, lasagna, chocolate balls… a lot of stuff). We were talking everyday on the phone, it was something like this: “You are right, it’s crazy to travel with stomach flu, vomiting on the plane is terrible… what can you do if the kids feel sick there?” etc etc… So until the last minute we didn’t know if they were visiting or not. It was 7.30pm and I was about to call and tell her: “I can’t believe my luck!! it seems that Vomiting Boy didn’t get the virus!!” I picked the phone and double checked: “Are you 100% sure that you are ok? Not feeling sick at all?” “I don’t know, I started feeling sick one minute ago”… “Ok then, keep the Vomitero near you”… I guess I took too long saying that because when he stoop up he opened his mouth and launched a 80m/h multicolor thing that covered the couch, the curtain and the Lego box… (That one was fun to clean too). I ended up canceling dinner…
        Hi Melinda, nice to meet you! I’m Paola (the crazy lady in Germany).


  2. It sounds like you got lots done. I hope you have a fabulous weekend with your kiddos, before kindergarten starts! XX


    • Yes, I got quite a lot done but nothing is 100% finished ๐Ÿ™‚
      And I’ll have a fabulous weekend because my kids are in Italy and I’m not!! It’s so nice to go to the bathroom and don’t have to answer: “What are you doing???”
      Have a great weekend too!


  3. The pond project looks like a lot of work….I don’t think I got to properly comment on your AWESOME toolbox the other night! (My internet connection was not good after a storm). I still have pictures to hang, and things to find in the boxes like, a toaster and silverware…I broke down and bought a can opener tonight (just a cheap one), as my nice one is either in a box, or still at my mom’s house….love the birdhouse๐Ÿ’š


    • Thank you! You are doing very well! You had to buy only a can opener?! I guess it’s dangerous to open a can “A la Rambo”, that was a good buy!
      My blue bags’ room still looks the same (actually, it looks much worse since the man brought 5 more bags and a couple of boxes). I really don’t know where to start… I wish I had only a few pictures to hang (now that I have a hammer!! :)). Have a great day!.


  4. Great to follow during your day! Keep moving those stones girl, Life is full of them and you’re doing a great job. ๐Ÿ˜‰ :*


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