I had a long day yesterday. Full of frustrations and some things got done… Of course, not completely done. Someday…
Let’s start from when I published yesterday’s post. I got a phone call and I had to go to the main town to bring some documentation. First time cycling there. I can only say: I survived the trip. I took the wrong street and had to go uphill… of course walking… there was no Rocky music to encourage me since I was short of breath and couldn’t even hum (The song I’m talking about is Rocky Full Theme Tune, at least that’s how YouTube calls it and it’s the song I hum when I cycle uphill (and not only my kids think I’m insane but everyone who is near listening). One thing got done (maybe, because the lady wasn’t sure that we mailed it to the right address so it may come back but according to her, it’ll count as if I mailed it yesterday anyway)…
Got home, breathed a bit and decided to start painting the kitchen. The FRUSTRATION I felt it’s hard to explain. I really wanted to cry. A dear friend wrote: “You are a woman, you always sort it”… Let’s see. The more I painted the more desperate I got. Thank you Aa for being there… I calmed down… I was tempted to throw the paint against the wall…
Here some before and after pictures

photo 1 (15)

photo 2 (15)

And this is how my ceiling looks like… 782 shades of salmony white. And a couple of questions… If I cover the darkest parts, it’ll be all even? or it’ll get whiter than the whitest parts? It shouldn’t get whiter than the whitest, right?… but how white is the whitest?? Taking a box of tissues now.

photo 1 (16)

Most of the salmon spots are there because: 1) I forgot to paint them. 2) I couldn’t reach them with the painting roll. 3) There was a spider and I don’t kill animals… I took care of removing them before starting, but the stubborn animals went back to their places.

I needed to do something that made me happy so I went to work on the pond. Again taking stones from the roof. It looks like this now:

photo 3 (11)

and before it was like this… I’m impressed… and I wonder how long it’ll take to look clean…

photo (14)

I could still do a couple more of buckets but I got frustrated again because I’m too short (or the ladder is not high enough) to reach for more stones… I took them until the slimy thing underneath made me gag.

Then I decided to follow my twin’s advice: “Take care and give yourself a break while the kids are gone. Buy something special to eat or drink, get lavender oil for your bath maybe even some nice body oil or lotion. You deserve it, you’ve worked your heavy ass off”. So, I went to the supermarket. I got wet on the way (of course!!). Here is a picture of what I bought.

photo 2 (16)

From left to right: Three yogurts, cheese rings, chocolate ice cream, 6 beers, a little bottle of some sweet drink peach flavored (that was a backup drink in case I couldn’t find the bottle opener!!). The only sweet wine I found (apparently German like dry stuff). Second row: Chocolate filled with mint cream, 2 chocolate bars (hazelnut raisin), a milk chocolate bar, salad (a mix of green leaves), potato snacks (some chips with different shapes), banana chips. Last rows: spicy peanuts, two figs and pretzels. Very nutritive (for the soul, of course).
Then I guess I ate too much because I didn’t feel to well afterwards. But since I had bought dessert, I HAD to eat at least something… And that was the chocolate/mint bar.

And finally my reward… A three and a half hours bath with lavender smell, candles, incense, nature music AND a drink… I killed the backup drink since I was afraid of drowning if I put something more in my stomach… Even though I found the bottle opener… And I specially looked for a crystal wine glass just because it felt good in advance to see the man’s face when he sees that I unpacked one and I made him drink from a plastic cup… This is what Italian call VENDETTA… And I’m not sure if you already knew, but I have Italian blood…

photo 4 (7)

Have a great Saturday! And if it stops raining, I’ll go to the main town, there is the annual flea market there. I’d love to go!!

~ by DotedOn on August 30, 2014.

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  1. Hang in there–your plate is full, overflowing! ♥


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