Did I mention I have to wear glasses to read? I think I forgot to tell you that. I remembered yesterday when the man video called and I just had put them on and he saw me for the first time wearing them. “You look like an intellectual… but forget you are getting a man if you wear those…” No, he didn’t realize how BIG was the mistake he committed. I may unpack another crystal wine glass. And go to the store where I went to ask for prices for the kitchen counter and ask out the guy… Till now, only him and the mailman are the only ones under… 60 (and older than 22). I would choose 22 but I’m afraid he’ll get distracted and join my kids playing with the Nintendo. So here is my plan… I go to the store and I say: “I notice you are not wearing a ring…” or “Is there a Mrs…. (I’ll read the name on his desk and say it)”. I think I have to work on the picking up lines… I’m rusty… I can flirt but I need that the man gives me a little push… And I have to admit that I missed my chance last time… Here is what happened: I went there in the morning and the lady at the reception desk said that the man in charge of the kitchen counters was busy and that I should make an appointment. Ok. I made the appointment and went back there at 5.00pm as she told me. I really expected to see an older man… I was very pleased to see someone around my age.
So this man asked me for the measurements of the counter, I told him. He opened a program, filled the information, got a design, added the name of the samples I had chosen and gave me the prices (very sophisticated system), but I almost choked when he told me the prices and I think I couldn’t hide my expression because in that very moment, he opened Google Translate, started writing something, turned around the monitor and made me read: “You better go to a hardware store and ask for cheaper prices”… And looked at me like asking: “Do you understand? That’s the only thing I can do for you” (Not the only thing!!) I melted right there. I’m such a softie… I was caught off guard… I missed the perfect chance… Now I’m not sure how to catch kitchen guy again… I may go and cycle every day around 6.00pm in front of the store or pretend to fall in front of his car early in the morning, of course, while wearing my glasses… OMG, am I that desperate??? I won’t answer that :).
So… the clock it ticking…


And my kids don’t miss any chance to remind me that I’m old… and deaf too… And now that I wear glasses I should order a Whisper 900…
Many years ago, there was a commercial on TV about a hearing aid device. I remember my mom shouting at my father about 20 times a day and my dad pretending to be sleeping or doing anything else to filter whatever my mom wanted and she adding in the end: “Call TELSELL and get the freaking Whisper 900, you deaf old man!!”. So I joked many times about needing one and now my kids ask me when I’m finally getting it. I don’t hear some noises… And when there is noise I can’t really understand if someone is talking to me… I’m an expert at reading lips, but it doesn’t work so well in other languages.


Yesterday it rained non-stop until 7.00pm. And a bit later started to rain again. I took a brush and painted by hand all the corners of the kitchen. I’ll have to add another layer because it’s not white enough.
I tidied up!! So today when I give my mom a video tour of the house, she won’t faint.
Around 9.00pm, I was BORED. I couldn’t do much without light. I didn’t want to go to bed. I remembered that when I changed the iPod, I lost all my e-books. I had a backup but for some reason when I passed the data to the new iPod, only the app moved and no the content. I found out a week later, too late, I had deleted the back up already.
I decided then to change the look of the paintings that there were hanging in the kitchen. They looked like this. Too much salmon and orange.

photo (15)

I’ll take the “after” picture once I’m happy with the result.

Plans for the day: Finish something. And work on the pond if it’s not raining.

~ by DotedOn on August 31, 2014.

8 Responses to “00:04.3”

  1. Hi Twin,
    Your up and I’m just going to bed, almost 2:30 am. I spent a couple hours helping a sister blogger with info on ideas to prove child abuse. It makes me so angry, the system in her state & probably every state is wait until happens. I blew a gasket and starting researching every thing I could find. I probably sent her 20-30 e-mails. She would read, make comments while looked for more. I will p/u in the morning. I can’t go to bed before telling my next vomit story. After my engagement to my ex the chicks from work took me on a pub crawl in a limo. Pretty cool. As I’ve mentioned when I drank it was balls to the wall. We didn’t eat much so on the way to drop me off I started to get that felling. I was sitting in the middle so I had to crawl over two people to get to the window. Got window down just in time to vomit all over the outside of limo. Since I we were celebrating for me the gang paid the extra $200 fee. I needed help in the house I was so drunk, I didn’t know till Monday they paid extra. It wasn’t a real exciting vomit but a vomit non the less. I have another limo story when I’m up. I’m so rusty at pick up lines I probably won’t even know someone was hitting on me. When I drank it wasn’t a problem, I went up to any that looked interesting and went for the throat. I hear men do like the sophisticated look of glasses. You’ll have to practice on some duds then move to what your type is. I think the language idea is a great one. Time to go to bed the cat is driving me crazy.
    Twin M πŸ™‚


    • Hi Twin,
      I’m glad you are helping the sister blogger. My heart was broken after I read her post. I wouldn’t know what to do, except putting the turd’s dick on the table and letting a brick fall from 2 feet high on it. Those kind of things make me mad. And how the system works really sucks.
      I’m sorry about your friends having to pay the extra $200. They are nicer than me apparently, I would have gotten a bucket, water, soap and sponge, and make you clean it :D.
      The practice before moving to what my type is, it’s a great idea. But, I’m not sure on whom I could practice, I don’t think the reaction on my 80+ neighbors will count much (and I can’t do CPR either). I think I’ll have to trust my gut (OMG!!!) πŸ™‚
      I believe I’m out of Vomit Stories right now… I have to think for some time.
      Sweet dreams,
      Twin P πŸ™‚


  2. We are never too old to follow our dreams and what makes us happy. My son likes to say, “dad, you’re old.” I usually smile and say, “I know,” though in my head, ” I’m young at heart though!” Time is ticking but we can still catch up. All the best my friend.


  3. I know about that clock ticking…my last two babies came at my ages of 40 and 42….the dad (abuser) is 9 years older…these days, my 71 year old mom does more flirting than me-mostly it serves to encourage men to help lift things, open things, and move things.
    Your twin and I had a great study session last night…Researching this topic, twin saw what I see. Abusers pushing a “Fathers Rights” agenda…sounds nice-but the people pushing it are motivated by power and control, not by the needs of their own children.
    I finished nothing yesterday…today I try again…I’ll be watching for your completion postsπŸ˜€


    • Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚
      I will have to give flirting a try. There is a lot of lifting, painting and moving to do here!! I don’t think I can get the mailman to help me move the closets, but I’ll try anyway, nothing to lose (only my dignity :D).
      My twin told me about the research (you can see it on the comments). I hope there is something to do. The distance is big, but if there is something I can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask me. I wish I knew the “right” people to let the abuser know that there are things that you DON’T DO… It sounds a bit like The Soprano’s, but someone has to teach that guy a lesson.
      Hugs πŸ™‚


  4. First of all, The guy that told you, you will never get a man, fuck him. Only idiots say shit like that. Second, your look, whether you are wearing glasses, Jean’s, hair up or down, whatever; is not a turn off to the person that is attracted to you. You are beautiful, industrious, smart and worth it. Third, you don’t need to practice anything, just be yourself, that’s good enough, and actually better than good enough, it’s great. Quit worrying about getting a man. The right man will come to you, like a bee too honey. Flirt as you desire, stop worrying about not being attractive, the right moment will happen. πŸ˜‰


    • WOW!
      First of all, I WON’T fuck him.
      Second of all, thank you, thank you, thank you and THANK YOU.
      Third of all, πŸ˜€
      Where did you say you are? πŸ˜‰


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