The sun is shining. The sky is unbelievable blue. I woke up at 7.10am with a plan. Paint one room, clean the house, apply another layer of paint to the cabinet doors and mow the backyard. I’m still laughing.
The video I watched on “How to mow a lawn like a pro” is priceless. I have to admit that the guy’s got balls. With those looks and personality, I would be hiding!!

I really don’t know what happened… It seems that I closed my eyes and fell asleep again, for over one hour. So my freaking day it’ll be even shorter.
The good news is, I got an edger/trimmer!! I still miss the blower.

photo 4 (12)

And it gets even better… CORDLESS!!
I still need to find out how to use it. The instructions are only in German and I couldn’t find them in English. But how hard could that be? (Oh no… I better shut up).

My pond is looking fine.

photo 4 (10)\

Only a little spot to cover. The thing is, I need more sand and I’m not planning to go and get it. I tried calling it but it didn’t work. I guess I’ll make my kids do it tomorrow.
I also found a way to get more stones from the roof. I wouldn’t call the solution “safe”, but ok. If I have to do it, I have to do it.

photo (16)

photo 2 (21)

photo 1 (19)

As soon as I finish writing, I’m going to the store to get a rake. I didn’t buy one yesterday because I thought it was very heavy. Then later I spoke with my mom on the phone and she said: “Get a sturdy one” “Why?” “Otherwise you’ll decapitate it” “How???” “Yes, when you collect the leaves and push it against the grass, it’ll break”. And then I got this memory. When I was younger, my mom used to comb my hair in a very tight pony tail. It hurt as hell while she did it, and the entire day. And when I got home in the evening and loosen it, my skull was numb. It was like she was unloading all her stress on the brush. No wonder why I always looked so smiley.
So my idea of getting this cute rake, disappeared immediately.

photo 4 (11)

I found primer. I applied a layer to the cabinet doors. It’ll take forever to finish the other doors and drawers. I only hope the weather stays dry.

photo 5 (8)

And, I have to eat a proper meal. The last home cooked meal I had, was 3 weeks ago at my parents house. Plus, I’m not taking my iron pills. Maybe that explains why I’m so exhausted.


~ by DotedOn on September 3, 2014.

9 Responses to “00:07.4”

  1. That step ladder is clearly dangerous. Be careful.


  2. Owww…I remember those ponytails! …and the iron pills-yep, I can tell when I missed…you are working hard there! Every time I read your posts, I think,”wow, I should be doing something”…😄


  3. Hi Twin,
    Thought I’d fallen into an abyss? Not exacttly. I love the matching rakes to the boots!!!! Smart move, any man from miles around will see what a hard worker you are. I’ve had a cold, germs must have hitched a ride on my husbands back. Sleeping most of last two days. I’m so behind. I’ve been so fortunate, not sure what did the trick or I’d do again, I have about 15 people to thank for coming to my site and several new followers. I may not get all the info I wanted in my Lyme Journal but it’s going out. I’ll catch up after I wake up some. Kids!!!!!! Yeah!!!!?????
    Hugs Twin M


    • Dear Twin,
      I’m sorry about your cold, and yes, I get a bit (lot) worried when I don’t hear from you.
      Let me know if you need help researching on Lyme, I can do that every evening when the only part that still works is my brain… (I’ll do an extra effort and use my fingers too to send it to you).
      I’ll be writing something on my blog too with a link to yours, we never know who might need the information.
      Twin P.


      • Twin P,
        Thanks for the offer on research, I have done so much research. Use the little time you have to rest!!!! You’re working to hard. A link might help some one. If one person avoids Lyme that’s a great thing.
        Hugs. Twin M


      • Twin M,
        I’ll work on a nice introduction to Lyme and a link. And please, let me help you!! (I really enjoy the things I want to do and not only the things I have to do!!). And I really WANT to help you!
        Twin P


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