I’m so sleepy. Today my daughter started kindergarten. I was supposed to stay there with her but at some point she told me: “Go to your own school, you don’t have to be here”. So I talked with the teacher and she said I could go home. I had to pick her up one and a half hour later. She didn’t want to leave. I’m glad she liked it so much.
Yesterday I decided to have a day off. Then I thought for a while. “I will not enjoy myself because there is so much to do (laundry, painting (a lot of painting), filling some cracks and holes on the last wall, dishes, etc…). My head will be thinking I’m wasting my time”. So I made a deal with myself, If I do something in the morning I can have the afternoon off.

I decided to continue painting the kitchen cabinets. They need one layer of primer and 4 layers of paint (maybe more but I can live with 4… not with 3).

After I painted one layer, I was high on fumes because I decided to go to see an Open Air Circus in the next town (about 17km/10mi away). I was very high I guess. I told a friend I was going and she said, take some water and food with you. I don’t have any bottle… Except this one.

photo 5 (13)

So I filled it with water, took the bike, and left.
After a while, I guess the high was going down because I started panicking. “What if I fall? Who will help me? And if I get lost? Or, once I get there, will I remember the way to get back? Or have the energy to cycle again such a distance? I’m not a quitter. So I kept cycling (with my fingers crossed).

I didn’t see many houses or cars on the way. I passed two highways and a lot of cornfields.

photo 4 (17)

photo 3 (23)

I only stopped to walk for a bit when I felt the saddle incorporated to my ass.

photo 5 (12)

photo 4 (18)

I saw a few horses too.

photo 2 (32)

Finally I got to town. It took almost 1.5 hours. I left the bike where the centre started and tried to remember everything around. I have a lot of experience in getting completely lost. That never happened in my home town because the streets are all parallel and once you know where the sun is, you can get oriented very easily. Not here. Everything goes around. You take one street and end up who knows where. The street names change after a couple of blocks and mostly nobody knows the name of the next street. Plus, you don’t see the sun everyday.

I got an ice cream (chocolate, malaga (cream with raisins) and hazelnut). It was ok, nothing extraordinary.

photo 2 (30)

I sat down close to the water near a willow to eat my ice cream. As soon as the ducks saw me, they came to ask for food. Sorry, I’m not sharing.

photo 3 (21)

photo 4 (16)

photo 1 (28)

I didn’t see much of the circus. Mostly a lot of people on costumes and acts that I didn’t stop to watch because I didn’t understand a thing.

photo 3 (22)

Those are “Bratwurst” before getting the brat (raosted) part. They look very pale and anemic.

photo (21)

I only stayed there for an hour. I was quite tired and the thought of another hour and a half of cycling kind of scared me.
I went back to look for my bike and was very pleased to find it there.
On the way back, I was really aware of the danger of being there alone, not knowing the language, the streets, fearing that I could get a flat tyre, fall, get caught in the middle of a bad storm or someone could do something not nice to me. That happens when I have too much time to think.
I guess I have to thank the saddle that was killing my ass because that made me think in something else and kept the ugly thoughts away. And made me move sidewards (and thank goodness nobody was around to think I was farting).

The weather forecast said it was going to rain. Luckily, it didn’t.

photo 1 (29)

When I got home, I didn’t feel my ass. And my legs hurt. I showered and had to stay until I finished doing the laundry. I decided to go and check the carnival one street away. I guess I was late (7.30pm) because they were dismounting everything, except the bar and the only crowded thing were the portable toilets in front of my house.

photo (20)

Of course when I decided to shoot someone had to come out.
I went to bed and I think I passed out around 10.40pm.

Today more painting and dishes. I’ve been yawning since I opened my eyes. It’s going to be a long day.


~ by DotedOn on September 8, 2014.

12 Responses to “00:12.5”

  1. You’re the most adventurous girl I know!


    • Hahaha 🙂 Thank you Mandy!!! (But now I’m thinking that you don’t know many girls then! 😉 )

      Liked by 1 person

      • Full disclosure: I was one of those girls I suppose. Probably why I get such a kick out of you! 🙂


      • Thank you Mandy! (in that case, it’s ok if you don’t know many girls when you know the RIGHT ones 😀 ).
        I’d love to hear about any of your adventures!
        hugs 🙂


      • Oh, there are a jillion of them. Like painting myself into corners, trying to hide a new puppy (that’s yipping in the bedroom) from a land lord who does NOT allow pets (and saying I don’t hear anything .. .) I laugh NOW, lol. Oh, and I ran chest first into an electric fence raiding a farmers garden–your son’s encounter with the electric fence reminded me of that! I plan to write about the funny things in my life after I publish the one I’ve just finished–the not-so-funny-stuff. In the meantime, I I enjoy yours 🙂


      • Hi Mandy,
        I’m really looking forward to read about your stories 🙂
        And I’m glad you enjoy mine 🙂


  2. Hello Crazy Twin P,
    If you have to ride everywhere invest in a better seat. One made for women that doesn’t jam up your naughty bits. You are getting you exercise without a doubt. Maybe you need a fan to circulate the fumes to lessen the high if you’re going to ride. Damn you worry about everything. We even each other out in that area. I rarely worry about any of those things unless riding in the hood where the criminals and drug addicts live. I try to avoid the hood. You must live in the country, no people or cars, only a few horses? You’re a shit kicker as we say here in Texas. Time to get a cowboy hat, get a nice straw one like Elle McPherson wears and you can wear it anywhere there quite sexy. I have several since I don’t like to mess with my hair during the summer. Your daughter was the only one starting school this week right? The other kiddos start next week. How are they handling the I don’t speak German thing? It’s a pretty big thing.
    Hugs from the other crazy Twin M 🙂


    • Hi Crazy Twin M,
      I’ll see if I can get a cowboy hat (and then I may get my kids sell tickets to watch the entire show of me mowing the lawn with the pink boots and Texan hat 🙂 (the money has to come in some way 🙂 ))
      I live pretty much in the country, like a few blocks away. Actually I’m very lucky I’m in town :D.
      My daughter started yesterday, 2 of my kids on Thursday, another one next Monday and cutie the 29th… I’m already getting crazy trying to remember all that.
      I’ll check better seats (or get some of those spandex that come with an extra ass, those things make me laugh 😀 ).
      Crazy Twin P


      • Hey Twin P
        The shorts with the padding work if you have the body to get into them.
        My thighs don’t look to good in them. A seat would be cheaper. Do you have Academy stores there? They are sporting goods store that has everything at good prices and always having a sale. That is I bought my seat and got is much cheaper than a bike store. I’ve bought several straw cowboy gardening hats pretty cheap at various places including gardening centers. You would have to bike a long way to get anywhere like that. Is it winter there or is it pretty much like this all year?
        The house is really looking good. I might have some ideas for the basement for you to have a separate office. You could put a good heater in there that turns off on it’s own in case you forget. Put a rug down where you work to keep the floor warmer. Then hang a insulated black out curtain as a wall. It’s an idea. I watch all the home shows so I get crazy ideas from there.

        Look up a photo on gettyimages for Elle McPherson. She always has a hat like that with her. Very sexy. Man magnet!!!!!!

        Just not sleepy and way past my bed time. I got a little jacked up today and my has a hard time shutting off. Time to try, that means drugs to knock me out. Also music on my phone to drowned out my bitchy cat.

        Talk to you later.

        Twin M 🙂


      • Hi Twin M,
        I’m so sorry you can’t sleep. I downloaded A LOT of apps with natural sounds (rain, ocean, forest, birds) because the music distracts me and there is no way I fall asleep then. Now I’m so exhausted that I don’t need anything. I pass out without a warning and a couple of hours later I find the iPod on my face or the glasses embedded (??) in my nose. Not ideal 🙂
        I never heard of any of those stores, I’ll check online, maybe I find something nice, I’ll let you know.
        hugs and sweet dreams,
        Twin P


  3. I agree with Mandie. Your adventurous. Not sure I would be that adventurous! Glad you had fun though and didnt get lost. What country are you in, hope thats ok to ask. XX


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