Cowshitland, September 11th 2001. 2:00pm

“Hi Pao, did you see what happened?”
“No, what happened?”
“A plane crashed against one of the Twin Towers?”
“No way! A small plane?
“No, a big plane. I think American Airlines, full of passengers. Turn on the TV, it’s on every channel”
“We still don’t have TV… Better said, the TV is there but nothing comes from it. The man doesn’t want a TV because he says he wastes a lot of time watching it.”
“Then check on-line”
“Ok, let me see”
“No shit”
“Na, are you there? what happened?”
“Another plane crashed against the other tower”
“Are you kidding me?
“No, I just saw it happen… This is bad, really bad”
“The newspaper site isn’t loading. I’ll try CNN”
“This is horrible”
“CNN not working either, I’ll try something else… It seems that nothing is working, I can see it’s loading but nothing happens. By the way, this phone call will cost you a fortune”
“Your uncle pays”
“It’s your uncle too”
“Yes, but since you are his favorite niece, he won’t mind”

First I heard what had happened from my sister. Moments later some neighbors knocked on my door to comment what was happening. My oldest son was almost half year old then. I called the man and asked if he knew something. He said he heard something. I said: “I want the TV, I want to see what’s happening”. “Soon, I promise” “And this evening I’m not cooking, we go to a cafe with TV, I need to see what happened. The Internet is not working”. “I know, it’s saturated. Be ready at 6pm, we’ll go somewhere”.
Later that day I saw what happened. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones who saw the terrible images a couple of times only. I heard from family and friends that it was the only thing on TV. I was shocked. I couldn’t sleep that night.
I knew from that moment that nothing was going to be the same.

……. One minute of silence to remember that tragic day.

Today I feel a bit better than yesterday. I didn’t sleep much though. I got an email from my 3rd son’s teacher saying that he’ll go to another group if he shows he can do the stuff they are teaching but he should start in the first group because it was easier to start in a new group than in a already formed group. OK. Not that I can choose different.
Some of the forms I filled in a couple of weeks ago to get the child benefit (what the government gives to every child living here), got rejected. I have to apply for it again. Bad news if I don’t get that money.

Around midday we saw a huge truck driving backwards to our house.

photo 1 (32)

That was the container to put the old garage’s roof. It’s in front of the door now.

photo 1 (36)

In the afternoon the men who are going to fix the garage roof came and removed all the stones from it. The stones had to go in the pond, all of them. So, boot and gloves on, and to work. One man on the roof filling the buckets, another man bringing down the buckets, and me taking them to the pond. Probably 100 buckets.

photo 3 (27)

But I’m happy to say that the first thing finished is MY POND. Priorities, you know.

photo 2 (39)

photo 3 (28)

When my kids are not here, I’ll fill it a bit more. I just don’t want them to see how it’s done.

This is how my forearm looks like today. That was the bucket. My legs and back are sore.

photo 1 (35)

Around 7.30pm I remembered I had forgotten to do laundry. It was too late to look for clothes for my kids, first school day today (I didn’t unpack yet… Or put away the clothes since I moved). So I said: “Undress now, I need to wash, tomorrow you need those jeans” “Really?” “Unless you want to search there” They gave me the pants in 10 seconds. The room with the blue bags still looks the same.

photo 1 (6)

After dinner I sent my kids to shower and bed and while waiting for the wash to dry, I treated myself with some food for the soul. Half container… I have a big soul (and belly).

photo 2 (38)

It was late and the day was getting better. Everything is better after chocolate ice-cream.
The man called to arrange the time he was going to pick us up to go to school and before hanging up he said: “Now that I’m alone, I’m chatting a bit and communicating more, is it ok with you?” “I’m not sure I understand what you mean?” “I mean, if it’s ok with you if I want to meet someone” “Of course, please, do it” “Really??” “Yes, what do you want me to say?” “Hmmm… Don’t do it, wait a bit, I’m not sure, maybe I’m committing a mistake” “Nope, I’m pretty sure, you can go and meet whoever you please” “OK”. You should see my smile. I really hope he meets someone so he never ever ever again suggests anything to me.
I was really waiting for that to happen since VERY long time. I remember saying to a friend who’s being abused by her husband: “Don’t you wish that he meets someone and leaves you alone?” “No, I wish for a car accident”. Double points for honesty :D.


~ by DotedOn on September 11, 2014.

8 Responses to “00:15.4”

  1. Hope you don’t mind, I have nominated you for 2 blogging awards :]


  2. September 11, 2001…..the enormous scale of fear…my parents were in Washington DC-they actually flew home from there on the 10th, but, living far from them at the time, I was unaware that they were home…my heart sunk.


  3. Hi Twin P,
    Sounds like your mind and body were pushed to the limit. I hope all went well on the first day of school for the kiddo. Talk to you soon. Have a great day. The pond is looking great.
    Hugs. πŸ™‚
    Twin M


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