Many years ago, when my oldest child was 2 or 3 years old, I took him to a playground/park. We were the only ones there. Moments later, some kids from the neighborhood came and went to the same place where my son was playing. One of them said to my son: “If you want to play here, you have to pay me one euro”. When I heard that, I got a bit out of control, I ran to where my son was, stare at the bully, show him my fist and said: “And you will get this one for free”. And stayed there until my son got bored and wanted to go somewhere else.
When I got home and told what had happened to the man, he said: “ARE YOU INSANE??! Do you know that you could go to jail if the boy says that you hit him!” “I couldn’t control myself, you can do anything to me, but not to my kid”. He didn’t understand what I meant.

Saturday, before the man left with my kids, we went to the supermarket. He had to buy some stuff and I had to get some things for school. He was with all the kids and I was alone. Five minutes later, he came to me and said: “We have to go” “Why?” “Because I just said FUCK OFF to a Dutch woman” “Why?” “Because she made an ugly comment about cutie and I understood, so I replied and I was VERY rude”.
I already wrote about cutie being a Major Pain in the Ass in the supermarket. When he doesn’t get what he wants, he screams like a wolf at the fool moon (a soprano wolf). I pretty much enjoyed that… For about 13 years I had to hear the ugly comments of everyone around (people never know we can understand because we always speak in Spanish between us). Plus, I had to stand the crazy screaming kids MANY times because they were always with me. I was thinking: “How does it feel to be in my shoes???”

Yesterday I was peacefully having breakfast and my 3rd son called saying he didn’t have any clothes to wear because I had forgotten to pack them for him. I doubted that and I asked my oldest son to check and I said: “It could be that I forgot, but I don’t think so, if so, please help him dress with something else, I packed a lot of extra clothes”. Three minutes later, the man called and shouted at me. Really bad. I couldn’t believe the asshole shouting at me. I asked: “Why are you shouting?” “Because you had to do only one thing, “pack their clothes”, and you failed to do it” “I didn’t fail, I’m sure I packed everything, look better”. He kept shouting and then I said: “I’m going to hang up”, I said “bye” and hung up. I was shaking. So not fair. Two minutes later he sent a message saying: “You are going to regret this” I texted back: “Are you threatening me??? Because if you are, I’ll call the police. And if I forgot to pack something, which I doubt I did, you can still let him wear the dirty clothes, it’s not the end of the world”.
Mother fucker he managed to ruin my morning.

When I calmed down about one hour later, I phoned him: “Don’t you dare to shout at me again” “I didn’t shout, I only raised my voice” “Whatever, could you find the clothes?” “I found some” Some my ass, everything is there. And I heard him saying: “Please don’t touch that, tell your brother to stop please. Nooo, don’t go in there”. Then he said: “I have to hang up, they are out of control” “Control them” “It’s so easy for you to say, you had them for 13 years and you could practice, I’m new to this” “OMG, are you fucking kidding me?? How can you make this my fault?? You never freaking care to help me, it was your choice to DO NOTHING”. Meanwhile, he kept saying: “No, get down, please, tell him to get down. Don’t throw that, we just picked it up”. “Let me hang up, they are making a mess here while I’m on the phone”. I was so much enjoying the man losing the control. It reminded me of EVERY DAY for the past years when he left work and called me from the car and kept me talking for 40 minutes because he was bored/frustrated/sad while I had to prepare dinner (or else!!), take care that the kids didn’t kill each other (or me) and try to make the house look quite tidy before he got home. Because if I didn’t, I had to tolerate him telling me how good for nothing I was. And the days I felt sad, he felt sadder. The days I was exhausted, he was more exhausted. If my neck hurt, the pain on his neck was stronger.

One day in the end, when I really couldn’t stand him anymore and I was pregnant with cutie, I started having contractions, I was folded, almost crying, the pain was terrible. I look at him and said: “And this time, I don’t want to hear that your contractions hurt more than mine”.

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Here, you know what to do.

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~ by DotedOn on September 15, 2014.

2 Responses to “00.19.4”

  1. Hi Twin P,
    Have one for me to, I like anything chocolate with more chocolate and carmel. I love that he got a taste of what it takes to manage the kids and have peace of mind. It’s a lesson way over due. You were up pretty early today. I didn’t get much done, pain and messed e-mails. I’m not sure I have the e-m situation fixed but its past my bed time. Talk with you tomorrow.
    Twin M πŸ™‚


    • Hi Twin M,
      I believe I had one for like 20 of us yesterday πŸ™‚
      It’s school time, up before 7.00am (terrible!)
      I hope you are dreaming by now πŸ™‚
      See you
      Twin P


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