Adaptation week sucks. I can’t do anything. As soon as I’m back from taking my daughter to kindergarten, I have to leave again to pick my son. Or at least, that’s how I feel. I can barely write my post and drink my tea.
Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon cleaning the kitchen tiles. What’s filthier than filthy? Gross maybe? I have no words to describe the layers (because I can tell there was more than one), of fat on the tiles. I got a thing to clean glass. It looks more or less like this thing below.


So I passed that thing on the tiles and I could see the grease forming a roll on top of the blade. A lot of self control needed, I really felt like throwing up. Then I started scrubbing with a metallic sponge (I used around 10). Then it was the turn of the countertop. Same story… Not really, it was much worse. When I thought I was done, I did the elbow test. If my shirt got stuck on the countertop, I needed to keep scrubbing. Hours scrubbing. I had only cleaned a little piece last time to cook. But yesterday I removed all the paper I had put around to paint the cabinet doors and cleaned all the rest. My wrist is sore. But my kitchen is looking nice. (Or at least, nicer).

After that, I decided to cook a real meal. I chopped more than two onions!! That was pretty much my record for half a year or more. I prepared lentils with peppers and tomatoes.
Here some evidence.

photo 3 (30)

And because I felt I worked really hard, I rewarded myself with two new cups. Now I can go 5 days without loading the dishwasher!!! I’m truly a pro avoiding the most hateful job in the world. Actually, the first place is shared with putting the clothes away from wherever they are, to the closets. And that will be happening soon. As soon as I paint the rooms and put the closets in them. Not really looking forward to it.

These are my new babies

photo 2 (41)

It’s so nice to do what I want when I want to a nd not having anyone complaining. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. But when it goes my way, I feel like the Queen of This Castle.
That’s me (with my daughter’s tiara). Yes, I wear it sometimes…

photo 1 (38)

~ by DotedOn on September 17, 2014.

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  1. That crown looks fabulous on ya!


  2. You look marvelous my Twin P,
    I don’t have a tiara!!!! I feel so slighted, guess your daughter will have to share with me when I come to visit. We could be Twins, you are the prettier and younger one. How old are you, tell me via em if you like. Our eyes are both a lovely brown, you look more european than I do. Hair stayle longer than mine, I don’t have a clue how with 5 kids you can keep up with long hair. You are no longer leading the life of luxury. Maybe the hair stylist comes to you? I rarely get afraid of doctors appointments, actually only one doctor every scared me because he would raise his voice and me a cuss worse than me, if that’s possible. Thats’ my Psychiatrist, and sometimes that what it takes to get my attention when I’m going over the deep edge. Ok you’re starting a new collection of cowboy hats, my new passion is camo colored scarves. Camo goes with everything. I have to wear some clothes that make me feel good, that will help when I get all the details on how sick I am, how long it might take and hopefully start antibiotic treatment. I’m going to be very unhappy if not. I may have a few choice words myself. David is taking me so he’ll keep me in my seat. Dinner sounded good, I think popcorn is on the menu here. Take care.
    Crazy Sick Twin M,


    • Hi Crazy Twin M,
      My daughter has two tiaras, we can play “Queens” when she goes to sleep :). I’ll be sure to have the butlers then 🙂
      I’m 42 and I keep my hair all the time tied. Just for the picture I let my locks down 😀
      I cut my hair, I have issues with people touching my hair and I never have time to go to a hairdresser or I never find someone to look for the kids.
      I’m terrified of doctors. I go there and I only laugh (alternative to crying or peeing my pants). They ask: “Are you sure you are in pain?” “Yes freaking moron, I just hate your hands all over me”. The issues extend to all the parts of my body. I don’t enjoy much being touched by strangers :).
      You like camo because you are a Warrior! I don’t think I own anything camo (it doesn’t look that good with my angel wings 😀 (and now I’m laughing SO hard!).
      I hope everything goes well with the doctor,
      Thinking of you,
      Full of Issues Twin P


      • Twin P,

        How are you going to handle a new man in your life or sex for that matter if you can’t stand people touching you? You are the crazier twin.
        Less crazy Twin M,


      • Hi Less CrazyTwin M,
        Special men get privileges 😀
        Crazier Twin P


      • Super Crazy Twin P,
        OK, now you’re talking. I was trying to figure out how this would work!
        Crazy Twin M


      • Dear Crazy Twin M,
        I have to confess that I’m in need of special men 😀

        Super Crazy Twin P


      • Craziest Twin P,
        I spent a good ten minutes telling my poop story even commenting our you poop story and lost it somehow. I want to scream. The poop story will have to wait. I think you need a set bedtime, 10:30-11:00 at latest. You get the kids to fall in order like soldiers ants. The lack of sleep is so bad on your body. I have two doctors last week explain the harmful ways lack of sleep effects you. Like my self, I don’t sleep much do to pain, even if I go to bed on time, can’t stay awake. My body is exhausted. Here is what happens. In my case my body is in constant fight or flight mode which overworks the adrenal glands. If the adrenal glands do not return to normal you can get adrenal fatigue. You don’t want to reach that point. I’m close and got a long talking to. It has increased my chances of a heart attack. I know your an all over the place never slow down person, mind always working, now is time to learn. You might even look normal to your kids. When you’re not exhausted you become much less grumpy. When your less grumpy men will find you more inviting. So if your rested and a man in a Biohazard Suit comes across your path, it could be love or maybe lust. Either is ok.
        Lost her bonkers Twin M,


      • Dear Twin M,
        I’m sorry you lost the poo story 🙂
        I never slept much, I was one of those babies (who had to live with my grandma during the week because my parents had to work and I didn’t sleep. I stayed with my parents during the weekend and they took turns to stay awake with me… I always wanted to play). I need really little sleep but I need it to be without interruptions.. That happened only 4 times in the past 2.5 years… Yes, I’m counting).
        But I know how bad it is the lack of sleep. That’s why when I see that you stay writing I get a bit mad :). You need your energies more than I do.
        And I’ll sleep when I’m dead 🙂
        By the way, chimney guy is gorgeous 🙂
        Craziest Twin P


      • Twin P,
        Maybe you need to invite him in to see what’s up the chimney inside. Isn’t late for a chimney guy?
        You sleeping problem also comes from being so fertile! Five kids will kill you and you will get plenty of sleep.
        Rational Twin M,


      • Rational Twin M,
        You made me laugh! Thank you! I’m actually rehearsing how I’m going to throw myself to chimney guy. I’m totally rusty on picking up men (in Spanish)… I could attempt to do it English… But how the hell I’m going to do something with my 25 words in German, it’s a mystery. You may be thinking… body language… If I weren’t so shy, I would flash a boob (or two). I may use some translator and let him a note in his truck… who knows… let’s see how horny I am next time I see him 😀
        Totally Insane Twin P


      • Twin P,
        You have to use the lack of launguage to your advantage. I’m sure creative mind will come up with something. Like a super low cut blouse or a bit to sheer and your scarf comes undone. Our go straight for the throat with a sexy night gown under a robe that happens to come open. It’s not like I would know. Alcohol always talked for me. I was also much better looking, much thinner and quite an ego. If you didn’t bite, well FU. Your loss.
        Twin M


      • Twin M,
        Alcohol always laughs for me. If I drink, I can’t coordinate…. not even a full sentence. My tongue twists and I only laugh 🙂
        Twin P


  3. Time to break out the tiaras! A few years ago, I wore one of Little AoA’s tiara’s for a day…even wore it to the garbage dump! I too, have a challenge with getting the clothing where it needs to be…not in a pile on a table?


    • It’s nice to see the people’s reaction at the tiara… It’s like having a piece of lettuce between the teeth, people keep looking at it but nobody says a thing 😀
      My clothes are piled up on the couch. (Four days already… the record is 3 weeks… They can stay there, I don’t feel that pain anymore 🙂 ).


  4. The tiara is perfect! You’re beautiful ❤


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