Sunny Thursday. The forecast says it’ll be 24ºC/75ºF this afternoon.
Also yesterday it was that warm. I’m glad it was warm, I couldn’t stand being cold.
The garage roof is being fixed right now. Now I want the chimney to be fixed, so I can paint the rooms, build the closets and try to convince my kids put their own clothes in them… I can always try, nothing to lose and so much to win!.
Yesterday I mowed the lawn!! Front yard only. I had some help from my kids. It’s very nice when one of them walks near me holding the cable so I can just walk (yeah, just walk… I wish!), with the machine without having to stop to move the wire or to plug it again because it got stuck on something. I ended up very tired but I least I was able to keep the tongue in my mouth.

That’s me edging…


So now I can say I can edge and mow. Trimming and blowing are still missing. And I’m sure I won’t be posting a picture of me blowing any time soon.

I was reading one of the blogs I follow ( http://lacewinter.com/2014/09/16/coffee-romance/ ). There it was written about a writing competition. Some things I can’t resist. I’d love to write a story and submit it. I only need to find the time to do it. I know I can find the time to do what I want, I always could. I only need to know what I won’t be doing in order to have the time to write. Actually, I have an idea.
It doesn’t have to be a long story (2000-4000 words) and I miss writing very much.

Today I should finish removing the rest of the wall paper and paint the last layer on the cabinet doors. After that, the backyard. I hope I can manage to do everything… There is some sweet wine waiting for me in the fridge.

Last week I was rewarding myself with beer. I left the bottle on the table and went to do something. Apparently, while I wasn’t there, my kids took the bottle and tried the beer. Later, they went to the man and said they drank beer in my house. So the man said to me: “If you are going to drink, try to be more careful” I really didn’t like his comment, at all. Does he freaking think I’m a careless alcoholic??? I couldn’t wait one second and said to my kids: “I’m not sure which of you said you were drinking beer in my house, but please, next time give the right information to your dad.” He was fuming! He didn’t like me saying that to my kids. What did he expect?? Me shutting up?? Or try to make me feel a bad mother (again)?? I think he hated the part that now my kids won’t “inform” him anymore of what happens in my house because they know that he comes to me and tells me.
That’s another thing I hate about him. He underestimates my intelligence. He thinks he can manipulate me. NO, HE CANNOT. If I stayed with him for so long, it was mostly for the sake of my kids and because I was afraid I could lose them. Now that I know that I will never lose them, I’m free to say whatever I want whenever I want to.

I wanted to find a more philosophical quote but I just couldn’t resist to post this one. This is something I would say to the man (or to anyone who just talks because they can).

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~ by DotedOn on September 18, 2014.

16 Responses to “00.22.4”

  1. you really are one busy lady. Love the quote.


    • Thank you Paul!
      The thing is, if I don’t do it. nobody does it for me… And I really need to see everything done so I can place my heavy ass on the couch and never move it again 😀


  2. You can do it! You already write, you bring us into your head and your thoughts and emotions with these insights into your life — just do more of that! Except you can make it up. 🙂


  3. Oh don’t you love how the absent parent is the expert on child-raising? (But you know, you really should stop . . . .lol!) Let him walk in your shoes those school mornings looking for bus stops! Don’t get me started–been there! Anyway, what do you do in your SPARE time, haha!


    • 🙂 I so much enjoy when he loses the control. When the kids are with at his place, I keep him longer on the phone and when he hangs up, he has to deal with a bigger mess.
      That’s called: suck it baby!!
      In my spare time I plan what I’m going to do next :D…. I’ll have some spare time soon… as soon as cutie (almost 2 now) will be 18 :D…


      • I never picture you having a hard time keeping up with Cutie! Course, it’s when they are teenager that you get old real fast, Lol! 🙂


      • He’s a little pain! And I don’t know how he manages but it’s like he’s in two places at the same time! Too fast for me 🙂
        My oldest is 13, that’s the biggest pain I have, since he was born 😀


  4. Hey! what about today’s post???


  5. I’m convinced you are either Wonder Woman or Super Girl :-). You work so hard. I hope someday your children will come to understand how you have worked so hard for them and yourself. Enjoy your wine 🙂


    • Thank you!
      I hope that too! But children are ungrateful by nature… One comes to realize that too late 🙂
      I didn’t feel I deserved the wine (or I was scared to pass out on the living room chair), so I didn’t drink it.
      And I guess I’ll be making a cape to go with my crown 🙂


  6. What an asshole of a man your kids dad sounds to be. Glad you stood up to him. Wine, I’ll be drinking that tomorrow night at my sisters. Some of the family are going for a couple of drinks. Social drinks, of course lol. Yay for nice weather. X


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