I need longer days. Or not. I’m not sure now. The entire day I’m waiting to be time to go to bed because I’m exhausted but at the same time I’m trying to stop time so I can finish what I’m doing and I can go to bed and sleep feeling that something got done. It seems that there is too much in my head. I can’t relax. Three days in a row my cutie woke up crying around 12.20am and cried for 20 minutes non-stop. He woke up my other kids too and they were all complaining . I admit that I wasn’t nice to any of them. Mostly I don’t wake up with a bad mood but not having an uninterrupted night in so long is kind of getting (badly) into me. My kids should spend the weekend with their dad. No kicks on my back for 3 nights. Yay!

Yesterday I had a pleasant surprise. I thought the man was fixing the garage roof (and going VERY slow), but instead, he was fixing the chimney. My son said: “There is man on the roof” “Yes, he’s finally fixing it” “No, he’s fixing the chimney” “Really???” So I went out to see it with my own eyes. And had to take a picture.


The thing is, nobody rings the bell. They just go around the house and start working. They scare the crap out of me (and catch me not really dressed up either). And I don’t want to hang curtains because I love to see the garden, so they better finish everything soon and I can run around naked (I wish!).

I finished painting the cabinet doors! Soon I’ll start with the table and chairs. Never ending. But I need a chair to place my heavy ass once I finished everything.
Those are the painted doors and my daughter. She wanted to be in the picture too.


I mowed the lawn. It looks very nice and I’m getting quite good at it. Of course I’m not following the advice of “How to mow the lawn like a pro”. I have my own technique that is comparable to vacuuming the floor.
I couldn’t finish removing the wallpaper. Stupid job is taking too long. I said to my kids that I really needed the help because the chimney was going to be ready soon and I could start painting and if they wanted their rooms, they had to help. As usual, my messages never get to the desired recipient.
That’s better than nothing, right?


It’s Friday and I’m supposed to be in love. Not happening yet. My kids lost the bus this morning because they were too relaxed playing on their stupid electronic devices and filtering my shouting (“YOU ARE GOING TO MISS THE BUS!!”). They walked (very slowly) towards the bus stop but they missed the bus. My oldest son phoned me and didn’t do what I said, he just decided to walk back home. So they lost the other 2 buses too. I was beyond pissed and didn’t want to call the school. So I let them wait near the bus stop for 40 minutes and said: “I do not care how or when, but you better get on one bus and go to school” “And if we have to pay” “You’ll figure out what to do” “Come on!” “Come on??!! Why didn’t you come on earlier???”. I think they got around 9.00am to school. And I really hope they had a hard time with their teachers. They have to learn, and I hope it’s before they kill me.
When I knew that they were on the bus, I could feel the calm after the storm. And this song by “The Common Linnets” (A Dutch group), goes perfectly. If you wish, you can listen to it on YouTube, it’s a very nice song.

Calm After The Storm (written by Ilse DeLange, JB Meijers, Rob Crosby, Matthew Crosby, Jake Etheridge)

Driving in the fast lane
Counting mile marker signs
The empty seat beside me
Keeps you on my mind

Livin’ in the heartache
Was never something I pursued
I can’t keep on chasing
What I can’t be for you

Ooh skies are black and blue
I’m thinking about you
Here in the calm after the storm

Tears on the highway
Water in my eyes
This rain ain’t gonna change us
So what’s the use to cry?

I could say I’m sorry
But I don’t wanna lie
I just wanna know if staying
Is better than goodbye

Ooh skies are black and blue
I’m thinking about you
Here in the calm after the storm

Ooh after all that we’ve been through
There ain’t nothing new
Here in the calm after the storm

Maybe I can find you
Down this broken line
Maybe you can find me
Guess we’ll know in time

Ooh skies are black and blue
I’m thinking about you
Here in the calm after the storm

Ooh after all that we’ve been through
There ain’t nothing new
Here in the calm after the storm

There ain’t nothing new
Here in the calm after the storm

~ by DotedOn on September 19, 2014.

12 Responses to “00:23.5”

  1. You are completely obsessed with mowing your lawn:] I think its really weird that workman just go ahead without telling you they are there. Thats some kind of American Horror Story behaviour. Once you start to slow down, things will fall into place ;]


    • It has to look nice, specially the front yard (and if I let it grow, I will really need a Mower where I can sit on :D… and trust me, they are hard to find here! :)))
      I’ll slow down soon… hopefully šŸ™‚


  2. Happy weekend! Glad your getting so much done, from where Iā€™m sitting you certainly are getting heaps of house stuff done! Go you! Dont sell yourself short! Your doing really great! XX


  3. Things always feel overwhelming when you are sleep deprived. Hope you and the little one are sleeping through the night now! Oh- I’m lawn obsessed too!


    • I slept 5.5hrs without interruption! That’s a record since I live here. And if cutie woke up (and I hope he did), I couldn’t hear him, he’s with the man now šŸ˜€
      I didn’t know I was obsessed with my lawn, but I think I should have guessed when I almost put my face on the ground to see if there was one longer piece of grass than the others šŸ˜€


      • 5.5 hours-awesome! That would be a record for me, too! Try to catch up while they are away.
        I haven’t put my face to the ground to measure the blades of grass. My neighbors already think I’m nuts cuz I use a reel mower. A little more physical work but it comes out looking like golf-course lawn šŸ™‚ (Now if they’d quit letting their dogs go the bathroom on it šŸ˜®


      • I understand… And you are very nice… I think that the second time I find those kind of surprises, I pick them up and throw them back to their owners šŸ™‚
        A reel mower?? How big is your lawn? My tongue is out after 5 minutes using an electric one!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha! Believe me, that is one of my great fantasies. I’ve taken out my frustration by flinging a few of my giant slugs across the fence in the dark šŸ˜€
        I don’t have a terribly lot of grass–front and back takes about 40 minutes. (It’s the edging that’s the killer!) I’ve always loved mowing-meditation time . . .)


      • I’ll visit just to play “Return the Turd” with you šŸ˜€
        The edging is horrible. My son offered the first time and then he regretted it for days šŸ™‚
        How can you meditate?? With me is 2 steps, one “YOU MOTHER F%^&ER”, two more steps, “GO TO HELL YOU SON OF A B&*$H”… Maybe when I get use to it, I’ll enjoy it šŸ™‚


      • You may not get used to it, lol! I was born with a love for yard work, landscaping, even edging. But my back is getting worn out. I’m always meditating on how beautiful it will look when I finish. (On the other hand, I care nothing about fashion, decorating etc. I’m not very interesting!


      • I totally understand you. I don’t care about fashion either (I hate shopping, I buy 3 of the same when I like something because I’m afraid I’ll never find something I like again). About decorating, I’m very plain… And I HATE BROWN… That’s why I’m painting everything šŸ˜€


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