No wine party for me yesterday because it started to rain really hard. I was glad I stayed home. I could do a lot of things. I ticked 10 of the 12 items of my TO DO list and I even managed to do things that were not on the list, like putting away a lot of kitchen stuff in the cabinets. I emptied 5 boxes. Nine more to go.
When I got the kitchen, it looked very dark and brown. Now it looks much lighter (and nicer I think).
I could hang all the cabinet doors. I’ll make a picture of them when the oven is there next week (hopefully!).

Today is Cutie’s 2nd birthday!! I should be making a cake (that is, filling the cake layers I bought and decorating it somehow). I didn’t get him a present yet. I have no idea what a 2 years old boy likes (apart from biting his siblings).

One of the things on my list was to paint the kitchen table and chairs that looked more or less like this:


I decided to paint them white but my oldest son asked me please not to do it white because it wasn’t nice. I asked him which color he preferred, he said black. I said: “No, I’m trying to make the kitchen lighter, I’m not going to paint the table and chairs black”. So we agreed on something in between. Gray.

I’m attempting to make that awful set look like this, even though I know there is no way to do it.

th (7)

That’s the table before:


And this is the table now. I can’t explain how hard it was to put the little chairs under the legs by myself.
But of course, there was no way for me to wait till someone got here to help me.


I was looking if there was a way to change the fabric of the chairs but it seems that it’s built in. So the next step is to clean it and live with it (until I figure a way to remove it without destroying it).



I’m about to paint the second layer. I really want to do it before everyone gets here this afternoon. My dream is to have the kitchen ready before october. And all the rest before we change the time because then it’ll be dark, cold and rainy and I already know that I won’t feel like doing much. But who knows, I may get inspired.

Here is a short “Poo Story” dedicated to my Twin who’s having a hard week and I want to make her smile.

A couple of years ago, we went to do shopping. It was a hot Saturday. Grocery shopping on Saturdays is horrible. It takes the whole day and everyone is there. Probably that’s why all of us were there too. My third son has a very small bladder and very short intestine (or that’s what we think because the guy ALWAYS has to pee or poo). I mostly feel like letting him dehydrate or starve to avoid the bad moment of being with him when he starts jumping because he needs the toilet. The discussion is like this: “Mom, I’m about to pee on my pants” “Please, hold it for 3 minutes, we are almost home” “No, I need a toilet now” “But you know that you have to pee some time before you really need to pee. You have to tell me then that you need a toilet so we can find one” “I need a toilet NOW” “OK, go near that car/tree/bushes/trash-can/street-light/etc.” The guy is like a dog marking territory around the world.
So that Saturday afternoon I was with a half full shopping cart and he came to me and said: “I have to pee” “Can you hold it for 15 minutes?” “I’ll try”. Two minutes later he comes jumping and pressing his teeth: “I need to poo” “Oh please, hold it for 10 seconds ok? Let me ask for a toilet”. Ten seconds later he came to me and said: “The poo fell down” So I opened my eyes like questioning what are you talking about?? And he opened both hands and show me a mountain of shit in each hand and he went on saying “Could you hold it for me?” I wasn’t sure if I had to laugh or shout. I looked behind him and there were like 20 shitty steps on the ground. His legs were FULL of crap. I begged him to stop walking and stay in one place. He didn’t obey, of course.
I think I spent 40 minutes removing shit from everywhere. By the time we payed and went out, the poo was dry on his legs. The man said: “None of you is going in the car with me” I think that he understood that I had a lethal weapon in my hands and I wasn’t afraid to use it. I believe he feared that I opened the plastic bag and painted his car with shit, or even worse, that I threw to him… So he quietly drove us home.

Get better Twin πŸ™‚

~ by DotedOn on September 21, 2014.

8 Responses to “00:25.4”

  1. Hi twin P,
    Yes, I’m MUCH better. After my nap or in the morning I will tell my favorite poo story. You’ll never look at me the same again!
    Thanks for the belly laugh.
    Twin M


    • Hi Twin M,
      Looking forward to your story. But don’t push yourself, if it’s not tomorrow, it can be any other day πŸ™‚
      SO glad you are MUCH better!
      Twin P


  2. 9 of 10 things checked off…wow! …great poo story-reminds me of the “who threw poo?” App


  3. OMG ROFLMAO are you serious? You are fucking hilarious, can I be adopted by you? I want to live in your family for a shopping trip! Hehehehe, I had a terrible night, I feel much better now that I’ve laughed for 10 minutes without stopping! XX


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