You reap what you sow. And I’m so glad I’m a patient person. Looking at the man reaping what he sowed brings me great pleasure. Yes, you can call me bitch… But know that this bitch is enjoying every second.
The stress he’s on when he has the kids is showing him how freaking hard it’s the life of a “stay at home mom”. And let’s agree on this. She stays at home not because she chooses to stay. She stays because she’s so fucking tired of being everywhere every second of every day and thinking of everything, because the tiniest thing going wrong could break the “perfect” system. So stay at home mom doesn’t have the chance to go to the toilet alone, she has to do it always with at least a pair of eyes watching and in the worst case, she has to answer to the ever present question: “What are you doing??” “If I’m sitting on the toilet, what do you think I’m doing?”.
She knows her hair grew one inch and that she needs to color it. The hair all over grew one inch, only that some of the hair doesn’t require coloring. The thing is, she can’t find the time to do it. You will ask: “How’s that even possible? She’s the whole day home”. You are right, she’s the whole day home because she can’t find the time and strength to go out. And the day she could do it, she looks at herself in the mirror and sees her hair has at least 3 different colors, so she decides to color it, and then it’s too late to go out because she has to cook. And cooking takes too long. And by the time she’s done, she’s exhausted again. But her hair looks gorgeous. “Tomorrow will be better”. Maybe, maybe not. And then it’s the time when the man of the house gets home and sees the house looking like a battlefield and doesn’t even notice that dinner is ready and that mom has gorgeous hair. Mental note: “Next time, I don’t even bother, he won’t notice it anyway “. Years pass. The house looks worse than a battlefield and stay at home mom doesn’t give a crap about it and decides to color her hair, polish her toe nails, shave her legs and go out. Where? It doesn’t matter, anywhere but home. And when the man of the house comes in and sees that the content of the house lays on the floor, dinner is not ready, kids are fighting and it’s about to yell, coming from upstair is stay at home mom, wearing a new dress and shoes. And when he sees her, before he can manage to open his mouth, she hands him a folded paper and says: “If you are hungry, you can order Chinese”.

So yesterday it was Cutie’s birthday. He’s 2 now. The cake looked very nice. I love the person who invented those packages of powder that you mix with milk and get some nice cake filling or icing.
That’s the cake.


And those are my kids waiting to eat it.


And a bit to the right, the man was saying: “Now we have to go home, I still couldn’t manage to finish the stuff I’m supposed to have ready by 8.00am tomorrow. Cooking took me three hours. And I couldn’t manage to do laundry the entire weekend”. You can’t imagine the size of my smile. He looked at me and said: “Are you enjoying it?” “Yes, very much. Now you know that when I stayed at home, it didn’t mean that I didn’t work. Enjoy my life the past 14 years, you can do it. I could”.

~ by DotedOn on September 22, 2014.

6 Responses to “00:26.3”

  1. You tell him. I like your style. Life is great when you can enjoy a little free time to yourself. Raising kids is hard, I think it was Oprah said the hardest job in the world? Yes I think it was. XXX


  2. Clap, Clap Clap!!! (Standing ovation). This was the best post ever.


  3. Bwaahaha!!! Oh I’m sorry–shedding a tear for him now…Love your spirit. Celebrate every minute you get to yourself! ❀ (Beautiful children and Happy Birthday to Cutie-Pie! πŸ™‚


    • Thank you x2 Mandy!!
      Not many of us understand what’s to be in someone else’s shoes. I’m so happy he’s feeling it now… Even happier because my feet are smaller than his, MORE PAIN! πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

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