I’m truly hating this week. So unproductive. I spent over one hour removing the wall paper and I think I need 5 more hours to finish… I couldn’t paint anything. Very frustrating. Plus, I have the house full of men working. Thank goodness one is hot so at least I can enjoy the view every now and then.
Having to stay with Cutie for one hour every morning is not good for my productivity. I hope the teachers think that he can stay alone soon. I have things to do.
Autumn. You can really see it’s here. I freeze every morning and it’s not even that cold. I don’t even want to think how it’ll be in December. Cycling under (and over) the snow. Not looking forward. But I won’t complain. After all, it’s what I wanted it… I think.

I saw a new bird and ran to take a picture.


Soon after, I saw another bird like that one, but on the other side of the bushes. They were calling each other but they couldn’t see each other. I almost cried. I’m very sensitive to that… Lovers who know their soulmate is there and keep calling each other but can’t find each other.


Moments later, one of my kids came running and the birds flew away. Now I don’t know if they could finally meet. I need a happy ending.
I wanted to know which birds they were but I couldn’t find them on the list. I hope I can see them again (together).

Last week I saw some beautiful mushrooms that I’ve never seen before. I’m so glad I took a picture because like 5 minutes after, they were not there anymore


I feel like the weather today. Not shining. Again like beige underwear. I better change color soon (or hot handyman will never ask me out… in my dreams!!!)

~ by DotedOn on September 24, 2014.

9 Responses to “00:28.4”

  1. Will there be much snow where you are come winter? I doubt we’ll have snow. We rarely do. You never know though…but they are predicting it wont be too bad of a winter this year here in ireland. XX


  2. Aww Paola! You sound like me in the Fall. Overnight it has become dark in the morning, dark very early in the evening and I want to sleep! It the past the darkness went to depression but I wasn’t blogging at this time last year so I hope it will be different. We get lots of people with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) here–darkness/gray/ rain. It’s extremely hard to embrace! We’ll have to embrace each other!


    • Please!! We’ll be each other’s light! I can’t have another winter like the past two…
      I need to add more color in the house (and a couple of lamps too!).
      SAD here is called: Winter Depression. And then you get light therapy. Someone shooting rays of warm light to you… It made me laugh the first time I heard about it… But then last year, I think I would have payed for someone shooting anything to me… Even your neighbor dog’s surprises!! 😀


      • “We’ll be each other’s light!” You’ve got a deal!!! ❤

        “Even your neighbor dog’s surprises!!” Hahaha! I’ll be pitchin’ a few turds if it gets too dark :-O


      • That’s the spirit Mandy!! I believe we just invented a new sport 😀

        Deal!!! 🙂


  3. As I look around at my own endless flow of boxes to sort and put away, I will read your words and be thankful that I am not pealing down wallpaper….we get 0-2 snowfalls a year. Not very much…but it does get icy and bitter cold.


    • I can choose, boxes, bags or wallpaper… I go with wallpaper 🙂 Unpacking is horrible!!
      Here maybe 2 or 3, but if the snow stays, it’s really hard to cycle! Let’s hope for a mild winter!


  4. […] watching the birds. I wanted to identify all the birds that I saw on my yard. This is what happened one morning in late September. I copied what I wrote […]


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