Saturday morning. Very foggy but you can see the sun is there. It looks really beautiful. It’s a bit chilly, that’s why I’m not going out to take a picture. I’m looking at the spiderwebs on the trees and around the birdhouse holding tiny dew drops. They look like little pearls. I wish I had a better camera.
I will continue yesterday’s story more or less where I left it. It was Thursday morning when the handymen helped me. But first things first. When I say I feel like beige underwear, this is the image I see in my mind. It’s ok if you own a pair or two, I may own some also, who knows (I know!!)… Anyway, I don’t like them. I really really really don’t like them. It’s my opinion, probably you creep out with another color. Brown, beige and all their friends, creep me out, but that’s another story.


So my handymen helped me with the first part of the chair and then they continued with what they were doing on the garage roof. After half an hour, Cutie woke up and went to see the men working. When I went to look for him (and that’s when you most love to have kids!!), the Other Guy asked: “Did you finish?” “No, that was only one piece. I have to find out how to do the other parts”. I have no idea how I said that or what they understood (because at that point, I had both men’s attention). They looked at me and I could only see question marks. So I said: “Please, follow me” And I led the men to the living room where the hook chair was (still standing on the little chairs because I was painting it this week). I showed the men what I wanted to do and Chimney Guy said: “If you do it like that, when you sit down, the fabric will come out. You’ll have to dismount this part (the headboard) and staple here and here and all around here”. Then he said something to the Other Guy. Twenty seconds later, the Other Guy came with some tools and Chimney Guy started dismounting the chair. And when the time will come when I have to mount it again, I think I’ll remember some of his relatives… Specially his mom… Did he really want me to do a good job? Or was that a trick so I HAVE to contact them to ask for help building it back??? (I wish!!).

So he explained me what I had to do and I started doing it. Meanwhile, they were finishing outside. I saw them taking the roof ladders out and loading the truck. It was almost 12.15pm, time to go and pick my daughter. I went out and they were almost leaving too. I thanked them again and said: “I’ll see you when I finish using your machine” “Take your time” “No, I want to finish soon, too much to do” “Bye” “Bye”.

I cycled to pick my daughter and on the way back I told her: “The chimney is fixed” “Good!! Did they close it?” “No, they only put some protection around so the rain doesn’t damage it” “So it’s open for when Santa Claus comes?” “Yes” “And are the men still working?” “No, they left 15 minutes ago” “Really?” “Yes, they had to go and fix another chimney” “Ok…”. She was disappointed too… Until we got home and she saw that near the bushes the men had forgotten a hose, a box of nails and some roof tiles. “Look mom, they forgot things!” Yay!!! They’ll be back to pick them!!! “Help me put this inside, we don’t want anyone taking their stuff”. So we brought everything inside, let the bike near the door and started walking towards my 3rd son’s school. We got back and minutes later my oldest sons got back from school. I gave them something to eat and after a couple of minutes we started hearing some hammering.
“Who’s using my hammer?” and I looked around and all five of them were there, so I thought that maybe the carpenters where there… But that couldn’t be, the man said clearly: “See you next week”. So I asked my son to go and check if the hammering (that sounded really close, even for me) came from the neighbors. He didn’t go. So I started walking to the door, with my daughter following me, of course, and when we saw the silver truck parked there she (and me too) started jumping and she shouted: “They are back!!!” “Yes, they probably came to pick the stuff” So I opened the door and said: “You forgot something” “Yes, we forgot to secure this and to remove the garbage”. Here, the handymen take the garbage and the old things (tiles, pipes, wood, etc..) with them. “Oohh… but you also forgot other things” “What?” I showed the Other Guy the things while Chimney Guy was asking from the garage roof what was happening. “We forgot the hose and some other stuff too!!” “Really?” I said they left those things on the grass, near the bushes.
They finished loading the truck and the Other Guy asked me “Did you finish painting?” “Nooo… I can’t do much when my kids are around…. BUT, the next three days they are going to stay with their father” “And then party?” I smiled… Laughed a bit and said: “I’m alone here, I don’t like to party alone… Why, is there a party somewhere? Any Oktoberfest Party near?”. By this time, 4 of my kids where around me making the flirting in a foreign language even harder.
I will stop writing here… Next time I’ll tell about the last part of the conversation and what happened later that day. And all my thoughts about it…

Before leaving, HAPPY BIRTHDAY T!!

~ by DotedOn on September 27, 2014.

8 Responses to “00:31.4”

  1. Oh my gosh, Paola! I woke early, rolled over and turned on my iphone in the dark, it went to the WP Reading list and up pops a picture of BEIGE PANTIES! Hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜€ What pops into my head? PAOLA! And then the laughs continue. If you’ll do stand up comedy I’ll be your agent. With the dark place I come from and write about, humor is something I lap up like a thirsty dog! Waiting for part 2 of this story! โ™กโ™กโ™ก


    • Hi Mandy! I’m glad you are enjoying it ๐Ÿ™‚
      In real life I’m extremely shy, there is no way I stand in front of an audience and talk. It’s like my worst nightmare!! I can barely be myself among a group of friends, without strangers. Otherwise I go blank and blush and sweat and age 10 years :D. But if you give me some sweet wine, you’ve got a deal! :)))


      • Lol. I understand Paola. I’m the same. I blab on and on when i write, yet a speaker I am NOT! Thank goodness we can provide laughter on paper too! ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Yes! ๐Ÿ™‚
        I wish I could do it every day but some days are really not that good ๐Ÿ™‚
        We have a challenge this coming winter!!


  2. Hi Flirty Twin P,
    Good thing you made a point to tell them you were alone for the weekend whe you have four kids standing around. Is the landlord paying for the extra time? I bet you can find many extra projects for them. Love the beige panty graphic, fit so well with the past several post. I haven’t seen an answer on working together. I changed your name on the post and spelled the site name wrong again. It’s that Lyme brain of mine. Off to make changes. Look forward to next chapter.
    Sleepy Twin M


  3. Those handy men are awesome! So glad they are being good to you! Great story as always. XX


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