Incredibly beautiful morning. Sunny, birds singing and only 7ºC/45ºF but I really don’t care because I don’t need to go out.
My chairs are almost ready. Big chance that I finish that today. But everything depends on how long I’ll take to paint one bedroom. Next Tuesday is my second son’s 10th birthday and I want to have his bedroom ready as a gift (together with a pocket knife he asked… Little Rambo promised to keep it hidden. If I see him playing with it, it’ll have to go). Who gives a 10 years old boy a knife? Me!! It’s a matter of trust and I hope he doesn’t disappoint me.
Let’s go back to what happened on Thursday afternoon. But first, I need to tell you something so you can understand the story better.
About one year ago, while I was still li ving in Cowshitland in the same house with the man, we were having dinner and he was making fun of me. “Because your mom still thinks that she’ll find Prince Charming. That he’ll go to her and say “Here, I found your shoe””. I was thinking, “You asshole, the moment he comes with my shoe, I’ll stick it up your ass” Of course I didn’t say a word to him, I only look at my girl and said: “We are princesses and we’ll find our Prince Charming” so she replied: “And what’s his name?” “I have no idea… I haven’t met him yet” So the man said: “Your mom’s name is Paola so it’ll probably be called Paolo…” “Paolo???” So I said: “Paolo if he’s Italian, but since I have bad experiences with Italians (the man is Italian), I believe a Pablo or a Paul will have more chances”. And we dropped the subject there.
All this time I was thinking how disturbing it could be for the kids to hear the parents talking about meeting someone else. My kids knew for very long time that we were only sharing the house. We slept in separate rooms and more or less have our own lives. But still, I don’t think it’s a normal conversation to have. The thing is, the man never missed the chance to remind me: “And who’s going to take you with 5 kids?” Till the day I said: “Someone who loves ME”.
So for about a year, every time I want my kids to let me have some space or help me cleaning I say things like: “Let me color my hair/shave my legs/clean the room/go out for a while or I’ll never find my Pablo”.

Tuesday evening, I wrote a message to my friend A: “A, I’m a bit sad… Chimney guy almost finished the chimney… and I didn’t have the chance to do anything. Either the carpenters or my kids were there, so, flashing a boob as you suggested wasn’t really appropriate :)” “Shit P, soon, break something… preferably the chimney hahaahhahaa” We were laughing about it for quite a while.

And the conversation with the handymen followed:
“Yes, there is an Oktoberfest Party in the main town” “And when is that?” “Not this weekend, next one” “I think I’ll have the kids next weekend… what a shame!”. My 4 kids were watching me and the handymen like if they were watching a tennis match. You could see their heads going from me to them. After a few minutes, they finished loading the truck and I said to my kids: “Say bye, the men finished here” and my daughter asked “Are they really leaving?” “Yes” “Really?” “Yes” “Are they coming back?” “No, unless something breaks and they have to be back”. At this moment, the men were almost going into the truck and the Other Guy asked: “What is she saying?” “She asked if you were coming back and I said that the only way for you to come back it’s if something breaks… So I guess I’ll have to break something” They were laughing and said: “Ok, if you do and you call, you’ll have to ask for us to come and fix it” “Ohhh… I know his name but I don’t know yours” “My name is J….” “What???” “Je….” “Eh???” He said it once more while closing the truck’s door so I couldn’t understand it and just before they left I shouted “Please, tell me soon what I can break!!” They were laughing so hard that they didn’t manage to answer. Probably they thought I was kidding! That’s the thing, people never know when I talk seriously or when I joke.
As soon as we were in the house my son asked: “Is that your Pablo???”. I know I was more than obvious, even a 9 years old boy got it. So that left me thinking… And when I think, I get lost in Dreamland and things like this happen.


I burnt my waffle. When I day dream it’s like I’m not here anymore. I’m gone. Like if I were abducted by aliens. When I’m back, I don’t recall how I left or for how long I was gone.
And that’s another reason why I stopped driving. Back in 1994, I said to my friend: “Let me drive you home”. On the way back, while I was driving, I took a trip to Dreamland. I can only say that the trip was equivalent to 400m/0.24mi going at 15km/h / 9.3mi/h. And I got back from it when I heard the BOOM and saw a guy on top of my car. No, nothing happened to him, I was going very slow. And I didn’t see him (or anything else for that matter).
So, now you understand why I’m always keeping myself busy. I can’t be left alone with my thoughts. It could be dangerous.
More coming next time… I still have to tell you what I thought about it!!

~ by DotedOn on September 28, 2014.

12 Responses to “00:32.4”

  1. Hmmmm…..flashback-I fell for the “fix it guy” once…..very erotic, but he was married……said he was divorcing his wife as soon as he got together enough money to buy her out…..
    What’s creepy is, after I married the dad (he knew about this), he would purposefully have this man come to do handy work when I wasn’t home so that he could upset me with it later….it was awful!
    So did you continue to live with the man after you agreed to separate/divorce?


    • Horrible man!!!!
      Yes, I decided to end the relationship in October 2012 but wasn’t ready to leave (I didn’t have a plan, was alone, depressed and terribly scared… I wrote about it. I’ll look for the posts and maybe re-post them for everyone who doesn’t know and wants to know 🙂 )


  2. Craziest Crazy Twin P,
    I’m sure it will not require to find something to break. What I love is the kids are ready and asking if he’s the one. You are no a full fledged member of Survivors Blog Here!!!!!! Yeah! Great to work together.
    Not Crazy Today Twin M,


  3. I loved this post. I’m sure the repairman enjoyed the favor of your attention and will be happy to return. I think the young ones like to see mom smile as well.


  4. Thank you for updating the chimney-man-sage, Paola. It sounds to me like you have them talking, too. Probably pretty taken with you! You may have 5 children but I know men never hold that against a beautiful, witty woman 🙂


  5. Its true. Your such a joker, its hard to know when your serious. I hope you find your Pablo soon. You deserve it! XX


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